Relocating to San Miguel de Allende questions

What would you do with the u-haul once you arrive at your destination?  There would also be insurance issues.  I know that most car rental places will not let you take vehicles out of the country.

I would love to find out more about your neighborhood and why you choose it.  Did you have a good experience with a Realtor?  We will be visiting in February, and then for a month in July, to explore and hopefully make a move later in 2019.

We lived for 15 years in Vancouver, WA and several years in Bend, OR.  We live near Phoenix now (way too hot).

I have visited SMA but chose to move to Queretaro instead. SMA is a small town. Q is a thriving city with a very active expat group that has about 4 group activities a month. We moved here in October from Portland, OR.

Is it possible to live in Qro. without a car? Is there good public transportation?

San Miguel has many more English language activities and is easier to navigate than Qro.
My primary home is in Qro, I speak fluent Spanish and prefer to socialize with Mexicans, as Querétaro is more Mexican. I have a place in San Miguel in Colonia Los Frailes which I like because of its a mix of people, it’s tranquil, it isn’t cookie- cutter - though those do have their advantages (amenities, security) and one is being built within Los Frailes. Also, it’s not tooo far from Centro or Instituto Allende. We had a wonderful agent: Rocio Puig (who speaks perfect English) and is with Keller Williams.
I recommend you join the various San Miguel expat forums on FB.

All the best!

We have only ever been tourists in Queretaro twice. Very rarely have we gotten on rutas in Mexico - but we gave it a try in Queretaro. We were staying in the boonies at Hacienda jurico. We started a conversation with a woman waiting for her bus and she used her prepaid card to get us on (we paid her in cash). It was one of the larger buses - we definitely stood out but a lot of people on the bus (which was packed) talked with us, helped us take the right stop etc. The prepaid card is a good idea and here is why...

We have never been on a ruta in Cuernavaca. Earlier this year I read an article which stated on average, once per week each of the cities rutas, were held up. So if there are 30 routes (I have no idea) and each route has 10 buses dedicated - there are 30 armed robberies per week ! That sounds a little like the wild west to me. In Cuernavaca they do not have prepaid cards. I do know that over the years we have had two regular workers robbed on their way here via bus.

I know you did not ask but - we also took a ruta in Guanajuato coming down from the mines. One of the scariest bus rides I have ever been on in my life...

Finally - we used to take the metro (and metro bus) in Mexico City all the time. At some point last year we were standing waiting for the train to arrive. When it did and the doors opened I was surrounded by maybe 6-10 men who pushed me onto the train. When I got on and the doors closed I realized my phone was lifted. I would have been better off taking a taxi - it certainly would have been cheaper in the end.

Oops, error

We do not have a car in Queretaro. We take Uber, which is much cheaper than in the US and you do not need to speak Spanish since you enter info through the app. One of the drivers has become our personal driver. He worked in the US for years and is fluent. We call him when we need help with errands since he can translate at the store when we are buying furniture, appliances, etc. His fees to us average about $5/hr US dollars.

We do not take a taxi since we have been warned that the drivers are not very honest. We have not taken any local buses. We do take the first class bus out of the bus station when we go to another city. Those buses are very nice - nicer than some airplanes! You can buy the tickets online and choose your seat.

It seems that throughout Mexico transportation strategies strongly differ from city to city. With that in mind, it seems to me that a person or persons trying to decide on where to live in Mexico, should pick the city or area that checks the most boxes for their personal needs. Then after having done that, develop and implement a specific transportation and probably healthcare strategy as well.

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