16 days until arrival...

Hello all!
I have 16 days to go until I arrive in Cork, starting a new life.  I'm coming over on a critical skills Visa, and my husband and 5 cats are coming with me!

We've had a lot of difficulty getting anyone to call us back on rental properties.  We've offered to sign contracts sight-unseen, given references, even offered to pay more than the advertised rent price...all in the hopes of having a place waiting for us when we arrive.

It looks like this isn't going to happen.  We can't even get courtesy calls back after sending emails, leaving messages, or talking to people on the phone, whether we mention the cats or not.

I'm open to advice - any advice - from people living there.  HELP!

Just a quick update...
No sooner had I posted this question, then we finally received a call back on one property.  After some negotiation back and forth over a couple of days, we have signed a lease!
It's a gorgeous water-front apartment outside Douglas.

Hi Christiana,

That's a great news. Well done !

I have to admit I was a bit surprised that it was that difficult because sooner or later there are some landlords who end up to be quite understanding on this specific type of situation.As long as you can pay, it should never a be a serious problem or deal breaker for them at the end ^^

Congrats and best of luck for the moving and settle in :)

Kind regards,

Portgas D. Ace

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