Looking for Indian groceries shops in Medellin, Colombia.

Hi All,

Looking for Indian groceries shops in Medellin.

Can we get any Indian groceries in Medellin, Colombia . Specially spices, MTR products, wheat, harina de garbanzo, tamarind, idly batter, Dosa mix ..etc

Please advise.


If you can locate a seller in the USA of any exotic spices, you can have them shipped in via the 4-72 virtual casillero service.

I have received peanut butter, sloppy Joe spice packets, Chili mix and ironically enough Goya products as they are not all easily located here.

Can you give me the the contact nos of the service which delivers to medellin from usa

Arw there any shops in medellinto buy spices,where di the indians living here get it from

Any idea where to get Indian groceries ,food, spices in bogota

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