Private taxi

Hi guys, does anyone have numbers for private taxi drivers? (Read: reliable, punctual and honest)

Secondly do you know anyone who would also be willing to drive to Riyadh and back?


Hi Xtang,

The following link might be helpful :

Taxi services in Manama

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Should try uber. They are the cheapest I have found. Been using them for 5 years now and no problems. If you choose to use them on the app use the promo code- olis138ue and you will get 1 a free taxi ride.

Very old post.

I know both uber and careem - I use careem in Saudi which is a lot better than uber.  The reason I had posted initially was that the availability of both uber and careem is spotty in parts of Bahrain e.g. Riffa.  Most times at night or other off times, it will show no car is available.

A reliable private taxi is ideal to have on call for when you don't have careem or uber available or to pre-arrange travel with.  Plus they are actually cheaper than both uber and careem.  As an example, I did trips with both uber/careem from Salmaniya to Riffa and ended up paying between 6 to 7 BD at different times whereas the most I have paid to a private taxi was 5 BD.

Guys, hope you can help me.
Which local cards does Uber accept? I tried using my BBK card, but it would not accept it.

The app will only use credit cards in Bahrain. So if you are trying to use your Visa card it won’t accept it.

Argh, that's why! Thanks.
Would a credimax card work?

Any credit card should work. 

Also, use Careem.  It's better in the sense that you can have a credit balance, link to frequent flyer accounts, book rides in advance, call driver anonymously (good for women) and generally more coverage throughout Bahrain.  Their customer service is faster and much more accommodating.

Cool, thanks XTang!

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