Saudi Engineer Council Membership Renew

Hi Friends,

My Saudi Engineer Council Membership is expired now I need to renew it could you please share me the process

I have clicked Membership renew tab and entered all details and selected one year (750.00 SAR) and submit; now that request showing inprocess, But I dont know how to do a payment like Sadad payament

Need your help on this process


I am also trying for Saudi council of engineer membership renewal.
I request the membership for I year, it showing in progress.
How I can get sadad no and when I will get .

I remember paying 750 SAR for 3 years membership, not just 1 year.
and I received a billing number on my mobile that I had to pay on SADAD system using the billing code 123.

I just submit request for Renew and now its showing In Progress. Can someone explain whats the procedure for renew how and when i will get sadad number for Payment?? how much time it will take for membership renew?

I have renewed my saudi council of engineer membership from website. The request is in progress. Can anybody tell me that what should i do now. how can i deposit membership fee of 250 without SADAD bill number.


i Have the same issue my membership expired.

i submit online renewal but the request shows under process.

how to pay the fees 250 per year.


Don't worry

Just wait, unless they send a message in which payment number is shown.

I got the message after 2 days.

Dear Zahidali,

Login SEC site and renewal the same
Please call if any question related this


i got my SCE memebrship 1 year ago now I want to renew my membership online,but i did not find reneal option on my profile,kindly let me know how to do renewal.

My saudi council of engineers membership is expired on 21dec 2017 and now I facing problems to renew my iqama. So please advise me how can I renew my saudi council of engineers membership online or what is the process to renew it. Please advise.


I am unable to  find the renewal option on my profile, please help me to renew my membership.

Hi Dear,

This is Muhammad, I applied for SCE renewal yesterday and got my SADAD bill # to pay within 5 minutes.
I live in Canada and my Iqama is expired. I tried to Pay my SADAD Bill using My credit care but didnt find any option. Can Anybody help how can i pay my bill.
One thing more,
Is SADAD Bill No is effective for 24hours only. I observed i couldnt log in to my profile now, it is saying unable to classify the engineer. What does it mean?

Appreciate your feedback.


i Have the same problem my membership expired.

i submit online renewal but the request shows under process.

how to pay the fees 250 per year. And big problem is my iqama going to expiry after 6 days , what i do please help me.



I have recently registered with SCE and got the membership ID. Should I pay 1000 SAR to my employer to change the Iqama Profession? Can anyone please let me know?



yes you have to pay

Thank you. So only after changing the iqama profession, Jawazat and Yaqeen in SCE Profile will change into Green? Can you please let me know?



Good day. How many days after your request fo renewal. I has been 3 days now and still showing in progress.


I didn't see answers on most queries. Those whose Iqama was about to expire and request was in-progress what was the result? I have 5 days for renewal and have same issues my membership expired and request on site just shows as in-progress.


Hi sid do you renew your membership.

Yes, I went to the SCE building on King fahad(behind Burj Rafal). Told them my request for renewal was pending on the website where we registered and I couldn’t make payment as there was no bill id. They accepted request in system there and I received the bill id to make payment against the biller (123 / SCE) through sadad.

I am facing same issue. How did you resolve the issue ?
Please advise

Brother did u found membership renew option.if yes then how?kindly share your experience.

Hi all , I also registered in Saudi councils with experience certificate before 9 I received the massage for membership renewal for 1 Year. Just  I paid 200 riyal and my membership renewed for next year. Till 1 June 2021.My profession is Telecom technician.

What is your new expiration date ? Is it same June 2021
Because my expiration has been changed to Feb 2021 instead of May 2021

Yes brother still June 2021.

Hi All,

My current iqama profession is Computer programmer. I want to change my profession to Financial analyst. Anybody guide me about it. I have membership of SOCPA and SCE. But facing problems to change my profession.


But facing problems to change my profession.

Before we respond to your agony, you need to provide first information to the below QUESTIONS:

1- What are degree, diploma courses you took in college.
2- How many years you completed your degree, diploma course.
3- How many solid years of experience do you have in your degree, diploma specialization.
4- Does your Certificates i.e. degree, diploma, TOR already authenticated and attested in your home country, yes or no?

As per my knowledge profession change is closed. But not confirmed. Better you can asked ministry of labor

Hello brother
You registered with or without diploma can you please reply

Does any one knows saudi chamber of commerce office will open tomorrow or not due to cronavirous

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