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Hi all, I'm in a bit tricky situation with the commune registration and I'm sure someone must have been in similar position before me.
I have arrived to Brussels for a new job last saturday and I'm staying at airbnb for now. I signed the employment contract on Monday and was told by the HR that I have to register at the commune in order to be on the payroll,  pay tax and receive my salary. I also read on the Forest commune's website that I must do this within 8 days, and without much hesitation I went and registered. Today I was told by the house owner that the police was checking for me at the address and that it's not possible to register at temporary accommodation.
I find this very strange that the local authority asks for 8 days limit while at the same time requiring permanent residence - nobody finds a flat in their first week, right? 
So I'm wondering what happens now? I have my national insurance number and a piece of paper that I declared my residence, but the police verification has failed. I assume that I will have to register at another commune once I find a permanent flat. But will I be able to do this while there is an open application in Forest? Or will the commune in here simply delete my file? What happens in a situation like this?

I'd be grateful for any tips.

You must apply for a declaration of arrival on Belgian territory (Annex 3). This will allow you to be in order for the job. And will leave the time necessary to officially regularize your installation when you have your final housing.

Untrue go back to maison communale do not mention address is temporary

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