Looking for French Tutor and Orthodontist

Hi All,
I will be moving to Siem Reap in August and would like to find a good orthodontist to continue the treatment plan for my braces. I am also searching for a french tutor whether private or otherwise. Any suggestions would be kindly appreciated.

I was wondering if you managed to find a good orthodontist in siem reap as I am too moving there soon and since I am starting wearing braces shortly I am now worried what will I do once I move to Cambodia :) do you have any suggestions?:)

I found an orthodontist at Pachem Dental and he seems pretty good so far. You can find their page on facebook.

Bonjour lathorna,i was wondering if you're still looking for a French teacher ?

A bientôt ! ;)

Hello Im looking for a French tutor for my Khmer friend. If anyone knows one do please let me know.

Many thanks,

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