Living in Belgium

My name is lillie, living in Tanzania. I have a plan to go to live in Belgium next year. My husband is from Belgium and we got married 7 yrs ago.
My question is what kind of right papers i need to have for apply the Visa? Will I get a long stay permit?  Which class of permit to apply? Do i need a health insuarance? Do i need  to show a  return ticket to the Embassy?
I really need sime help and advice.
Thanks all

Hi Lillie,

This style of question has already been asked dozens of times on this website. And the answers are always the same:
- Look at the guide provided by the site
- Read previous articles published on the site
- Contact the Embassy of Belgium in your country
- Tell your companion to go to the town hall where he lives
- ...

As suggested above, there are plenty of threads in Belgium forum on this topic ( ) . Please do take time to read through them.

Thanks Aneeshks!

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