Work women

Hello everyone,

I'm currently placed in UK but recently thinking to move in Algiers for family reasons with my husband and my little one.
I'm very open minded person, always loved to explore new places and culture but as an educated working woman with one child, I'm seriously worried about working women topic over there.
I know various women who lived there and quite liked it but they were all housewives happy to be not interested for a working place like me.
About me, I always used to work since when I graduated around 10 years ago so I can not imagine spending my life and my days only at home.
Could please someone clearly explain to me how is the situation about this topic? Do I have any chance to get a job and get a good salary to help my husband and be indipendent?
My mum-on-career life in UK is fine, I didn't find the job I was dreaming but I'm indipendent and I can get little flexibility at work.
If please someone could properly suggest me even about how to look for 'cause I'm a bit scared to lose the opportunity to work after ages and money spent to study just because I have to move there.

Thanks all!

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