Let go, let flow & thank you all -))

Hello everyone & thank you for sharing your time and knowledge when answering expats questions prior to their move to Malta.
I just returned from a brief visit to Malta and I am still dazzled by its breathtaking architecture, its abundance of all great things & touched by its people kindness and consideration.
Therefore, I am presently exploring the stages to relocate to Malta and equally am so grateful if offering me any clarification, correction or addition to the following:

Canadian citizen using Canadian passport do not require a visa to enter Malta for tourism or business stays under 90 days.
When applying for an ID card, I Should consider staying at same address during the 90 days (if changing address should change ID, right)
phone no and e mail add should be sourced in Malta (any recommendation for internet and cellphone providers + any guidelines to sort it out without the ID card in hand/foreigner.
To apply for an ID I have to get a witness. How should I approach this matter when just arriving to a new city and being a total stranger without connections.
ID card allow me to find a job &/or start a job.
Am I allowed to leave Malta for few days after applying for an ID or should stay in city during the process.

Register with the employment agency (ETC) for work within 7 day of arrival.

Is it better to get a private  health insurance from home prior the relocation or practical to manage it when arriving to Malta (if applicable any referral please)
Setting a bank account for non resident (any recommendation for lowest banking charges, if depositing less of 5000 Euro)

I am attracted to Valletta & Vittoriosa old architecture construction. Any similar old neighbourhood you recommend for accommodations)
In regard of renting an apartment (MTA licensed) long term, is there a room for negotiation the monthly fees &/or conditions or not proper to consider it.
Are utilities paid directly to landlord or separate arrangements with the concerned companies (water, electricity & gas/how to control the consumption/avoid overpaying)
After 3 months I am entitled to apply for ordinary residency as self-sufficient (if couldn’t find a job) or get residency through a work permit. At this stage I will be automatically registered for health service and pay NI contribution.

Canada has social security agreements with the UK, what are the benefits &/or where can I get further info accordingly.

Any further guidelines recommended that I should consider as first steps before relocating.

Thank you so much for your patience. Looking forward to read your reply. I hope I wont be imposing when having further questions to ask.

In gratitude,


I would suggest that you read the pinned post at the top of the forum first.

Coming as a tourist is not a problem but as you are a TCN (Third Country National) many of the procedures and requirements to become resident here are different to those you mention in your post and it is not simply a case of deciding to move here.

If there are any points not covered in that post or that might need updating then check with the Department for Citizenship or your nearest Maltese Embassy, assuming you are still in Canada.

Am not sure whether as a TCN you can apply to reside here on the basis of self sufficiency, but if you can it may only be on a renewable yearly basis and then may not get renewed after year four as that would mean you could become a permanent resident. I am sure there are a few expats on the Islands from non EU countries who will know the procedure and can perhaps give an up to date answer.

Good Luck


As Ray has said above, for Third Country Nationals permanently moving to Malta (or many other EU countries) is not just a matter of deciding to move here...

I personally know a family (he is a US American, she is a Mexican national; they have two kids, but I don't know which citizenship they have) who have been living in Malta for the past 3 or 4 years. They came because he works for an American company which is also based in Malta, so the company provided him with a work contract and whatever he needed to be able to apply for residency. I don't know exactly what he needed, and if he needs to renew his application every year, though.

Another thing that was also brought up on this forum some time ago was a story of an American whose residency application was NOT renewed, see here:

https://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/v … pat.636527

I have no insight into that story, but it shows that as a TCN it might not be that easy to move here...

Good luck with your plans nevertheless!


Dear Ray,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
As suggested, I am in process to have my answers (hopefully) from the Consulate of Malta in Montreal, where I reside presently, equally from Maltese ID card in Valletta.



Dear Bernie,

Thank you for the concern & the sharing. Hopefully, I will have some constructive sharing from expats who went throw same experiences.



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