Setting up a PV System & growing Bluebery

I'm planning to do a months research in Cebu come September and have plans to buy a small pitch in
San Francisco Southern Leyte . Nothing in concrete yet as to the purchase of land. I have been monitoring a family in that area who seem to have electrical outage several times a week


looks like i'm posting the wrong code for images , maybe I have to upload them to the site ???

Maybe this will work , Picture tells it's own story

Don't know anything about blueberry market. I reckon you are talking using PV to run hydroponics?

Looks like grid ties are allowed in PI.
Seems like solar is expensive everywhere though, last i checked.

I wonder if for starters it wouldn't be better just to get a 20-foot container, and fill it up with battery banks and charger from the grid?

Hydroponics will stop without a large battery bank anyway, if the outage is at night.

Then you could start adding PV on top of it, IF this whole idea is economically viable.

The project pictured above is my own mini solar farm sited about an hour north of Tokyo. It is tied to the grid . Blueberry bush is sown in pots placed on ground sheeting and irrigated by sprinkler system. Harvesting is relatively easy . The crop as it ripens is brought forward into the viewing and sales area.    The customer points to a bush which has a price tag on it. This system works in Japan.

Philippines will be another story as I am led to believe I will need to shake hands with a Mayor who may or may not have sticky fingers .  Still, I've bought the ticket for September and will be camping in a garden close to a beach. Solar phone charger and a Sim card will keep me connected. I plan to buy a pig and have it roasted ,  invite the family who are hosting my stay in their open garden and expect their extended  family to come down from the hills and out of the woodwork or appear from where-ever.

Looks great! Seems like you got it all figured out and have sustainable, repeatable experience!

What is the purpose of  this thread here? Just FYI for customers?

No Sir
I am not seeking customers, I'm seeking connections. Mavericks like myself who are simply savvy , talented and not afraid of a new venture.

after extensive study and the recent earthquake in the area of my interest, setting up a Solar system would be pointless having it connected to the grid . There seems to be a brown out still in most parts of SOUTHERN LEYTE , but lights on in Cebu , I got reliable messages back saying that people in Sogod are being charged 50 pesos to have their phones charged to stay connected . Bloody disgraceful . I,ve bought the air ticket and will just enjoy an Airbnb for my trip there. Maybe go to a chicken fight and bet on that rather than do business, buy a pig and have it roasted, share it out and a few beers if I can get a block of ice.

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