Can I rent flat for short term where I live

HI All,
I am living in a flat in Brussels centre and I am a tenant. I will be out of Belgium for 1 month(August). Since the house will be closed I wanted to give it to someone who want for a short period so that I can save some money.

I discussed my owner and she is OK for renting to someone else. My question is

1. Is this a legal act?
2. Can I post the ad in Airbnb so that people can book it.

If the owner says its OK to sublet then, I don't see a problem.

Ok thank you. But I forgot to mention a point. Should there be a tax payment for this earning?

Should I consider this as earning as I don't get benefited I just get back what I pay to my owner.

Some info: … s_location

Thanks a lot.

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