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Would like to know the duration of employment pass process, approximately how long does it take to obtain the pass?  Surely things must be slow due to Ramazan now and Eid holidays approaching . . .
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Most of the delays are actually caused by the employer not presenting the application correctly to immigration and not complying with requirements. Suggesting that  confirmation of a successful Stage I will be within one month. Hopefully if you require a Visa with Reference, that can also be obtained within the one month.

I just looked at your ID - allow plenty of time because different documents are also required for your application to be processed. Do be aware of whether the employment pass the employer is processing actually allows you to bring dependents into Malaysia.

Thanks for your prompt reply Gravitas . . . Yes some of our forms are in the process of being attested. We have yet to send those to the employer for submission.  Ideally would like to be in KL by mid August but all depends now when the application is approved. As we have to go through many formalities here as well before making our move.

As in my personal experience. they release  Ep in 2 weeks after the first day of submission.

means 10th working day i get EP on my hand

Thanks for your response.

We finally got our work permit this week.  We applied 2 days before Eid holidays and we just got our approval  (12 working days).
Still running around to get our DVLA forms attested/legalised, will post detail for benefit of others when everything is sorted.

I got job in malaysia.i have a passport.my new company asked to me passport,mark certificate for employment pass process.my question is how many days take employment pass process Malaysia...

If you are Indian you also need a Visa with Reference (from Malaysian consulate in Delhi, Chennai or Mumbai). That slows things down as it is an extra step.

Allow 4 weeks to get the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) - and it's up to you how long it takes to get the VDR.

You must enter for work purposes on a VDR otherwise immigration will not issue an employment pass (so the journey would be a waste of time and money).

If your salary is going to be under RM5000 per month, a medical has to be done in India before departure and the results given to immigration before they will process the VAL

No my salary above RM 5000 .my company HR said no medical process.so that's thing I ask to how many days take employment pass process..I submitted my details March 7 .for assumption how many days I got my employment pass

As written above - 4 weeks to get VAL issued.

There are no hard and fast timings as each process is very individual. Sometimes the employer screws up and has to revisit their paperwork. Sometimes the approving authority may want more information or legally endorsed qualifications.

Time ticks on. But 3-4 weeks seems to be the average time. Getting the VDR takes extra time.

Some very senior job candidates get their VAL within about 10 days to 2 weeks (These are not the norm). The employer may engage a specialist immigration company who have experience and fast-track methods.

So how many days I caught my employment pass in my hand( excepting date not a acuurate date)

Why you ask again

This is My first abroad job.so I can't understand this kind of process.thats think I ask number of questions.. anyway thank you for your answer.

Yes have written twice but you no read

Yeah just now I saw . thank you so much for your information..if any doubts I talk to you.

Hi Gravitas, My friend already got the approval and the VDR letter. But the problem is the company made a mistake,the letter wrote there she needs to apply the single visit entry in Japan but she is in China and the Malaysia embassy in China couldn't find the record.She got the SIngle entry visa finally.I believed it's the Stage 1 process.So the next process is to submit the passport to the company for the company to proceed to the nearest Immigration Department Branch to initiate the process for the issuance and endorsement of the pass right? Or she should go alone to settle the process itself? Regarding the single visit entry she got from the embassy,it's the same like those tourist visa? Hope you can help me. Thank you.

The pass type is employment pass (category II) - New

The employer has to sort out the endorsement of the EP

The VDR entry visa is not like a tourist visa.

Thanks for the clarifying the endorsement of the EP.My next question is whether it's possible for the Malaysia Embassy in China to issue a VDR entry visa even though the letter wrote "The applicant may proceed to any Malaysia Embassy / Consulate/ High commission of the country at Japan to obtain a SINGLE ENTRY VISA for entry into Malaysia?" I'm worried they will issue her a tourist visa.


May i know the link to check EP stage 1 (professional visa) through online? As the company is applying visa through MDec.

Many thanks

Hi, I would like to ask about the EP category 3.  The EP truly required the higher education certificate to apply for it?  If I only have high school diploma, it is valid for the application?  Hope can get the clarification.  Thanks in advance.

minimum requirements to apply for an expatriate posts are as follows:
•          Degreeandabove, with at least3years’experiencein therelevant field;
•          Diploma, with at least5years’experiencein therelevant field;
•          TechnicalCertificateorequivalent, with at least7years’experiencein therelevant field.

Page 16 - https://esd.imi.gov.my/portal/pdf/TC-ES … r-2017.pdf

Hi Gravitas,

Thank you for the answer.  I already got the job offer, and now I am wondering about the EP.  Its seems hard to get with this condition. 😥

It's quite a flexible minimum requirement. Once the company makes the application it will be clear if you qualify. Immigration may think a local Malaysian person can do the job if you don't have the qualifications.

Is 10 working day enough to get EP?

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