Bathroom renewal


I live in Nha Be, HCMC and am looking for a builder/decorator to completely renew my bathroom/toilet. Does anyone know of a reliable, honest person/company to do this for me.

Thank you,


Hi nick4946,

You can go through the Construction and renovation in Ho Chi Minh City section to find a list of recommended professionals that could be of any help.

I'd also invite you to post an ad in the Jobs in Ho Chi Minh City section. It might increase your chances of getting in touch with other professionals.



Hello Sarvesh,

Thank you for your reply, I have now found someone to do my bathroom through what you recommended.


I would suggest you have a listing of all the materials to be used in your contract. Be sure it is specified NEW with no defects or repairs.. The understanding of acceptance and the definition of new in Vietnam is not the same as the rest of the world.

Hello Kooler 42,

Thanks for you reply.

I have lived in Vietnam for a while so fully understand what you say!

Through someone who lives in the complex where I live I have managed to get a good deal to get it done. Might be a bit more than the locals pay but about a quarter of the price I would pay in the UK so I am happy with that.



You understand so good luck. Shortcuts may be taken at every oportunity so stay on top of it. Trust but verify.



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