Graphic design business


Anyone in the Graphic design business in here?

I would like to know What to Graphic designers Can earn in HCMC.

And if anyone has some contacts in the business.


what do you want to ask about graphic design business? There are many types of salary depends on your skills and what kind of design you deliver.

Yes i know :/

I do highend Photoshop work for the biggest toy-Company in the world and app design for another Company on that level. I see myself work with guide, quallity-check and improvement for western agencies.

In Vietnam, for experienced designer,  the salary for UI/UX Design (Website and App) is around 800-1200USD (For Local will be 500-1000), but you can charge higher than that.

For experienced graphic design and commercial design (FA quality checker) will be 500-1000 (For Local will be 250-800).

If you can do 3D, The salary will be minimum 1000+ USD.

If you apply for Art Director in Agency, the salary will fluctuate around 800-2000.
Normally, in-house company will pay you higher than Agency but agency can focus more onto design experiences.

For freelance (one person), This is the price (however, be aware that the price will be less than my standard depends on your clients) :
- Poster or Any type of Ads: 80-250/ad
- Brochure/Layout (<50 pages): 300-800/book
- Website (Depends): 1000+/ website (includes full stack website), I suggest you should work as team (designer + IT developer)
- Logo: vary (Vietnamese like to charge cheaper price on logo, 50-500/logo)
- Brand Identity: 500-1000

>>>For bigger cooperated design company, the price will be double or tripple from the freelance price. 

I assume that you have a very high skill so you can set a little bit higher than what I wrote. :)

The majority of designers are charged lower than that (A little bit sad truth :) ) So far that is what I know.

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