planning to move to Ryadh but complicated reconstituted family

Hi this is complicate- my husband and step children are going to live in a compound in Riyadh in August. i plan to join him in a year for two years but... will they allow my daughter in with a different surname if i have a relocation order from British Court? i will have to get a relocation order as my ex- her father will not consent to her leaving the Country so there is NO way he will  consent to a her changing her surname? Help !!!

Hi Madam,

Depend on how old is she?! marital status?
If she is still under age of 18 and not married, your husband can include her in the application of the visa and declare she is wife's daughter, and in most of cases they will accept it, especially if she is still small child, and still depending on you.

The application has to be applied through Absher System, after your husband arrive and issue his Iqama/residence permit, he can register and issue his own account in Absher and make the application for the whole family.

If you need more assitant. Please don't hesitate to contact me.
I wish you the best of luck!!!!

Great thanks Gazee she is still dependent on me but at least I know it can be done ! Thanks again 😀

No sweat

Good luck and welcome to Saudi Arabia.

Where you able to get resident visa for Your daughter?

I went to Istiqdam with all documents
1. Saudi embassy Attested marriage certificate
2. Saudi embassy Attested birth certificate
3. Saudi embassy Attested consent letter from child's father

Even then Istiqdam rejected to provide permanent visa for my step son saying this service for visa for step child is no longer available.
I am feeling lost and don't know how to proceed.

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