Affordable private schools in Foshan

Hi all. I need some advice. I will be in Foshan with my family in August. Main problem for me is my 9 years old son. I am now checking from web and couldn't find any schools ( at least lower than 100.000 RMB annually ) for my son's education.
I need your advices about schools and also I need to know will it be better if I keep my son out of school for one year just for English and Chinese education.
Thanks in advance for your help

My son will be 8 in September. We have lived in Beijing before for about 1.5 years. And the schools for us, foreigners, are just bad.
With my experience, for a really good school that can tailor its curriculum for CSL learners you have to shell out over 150 K. We can tell you more about our experiences in BJ :-D
This year our boy is going to a public school in GZ. We're also in GZ, just moved.

Shunde Country garden school is a bilingual school with a long history and known to many people . It is very large and from preK to high school. It is a listed education corporation at NYSE. Check it out It has English website. But the tuition should be above 100k.  I am not sure about scholarship

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