Self-Sponsorsip Visa-Retirement visa Category

Hi All,

Just wanted to know if any one of you have gone through the process to get above visa type for your or your known persons. I studied the process but it would be of great help if I can get to know some specific details related to the procedure to get this visa for my father.

Oh I worked on this Retirement Visa for my father .

The applicant needs to have worked in GCC or Bahrain for 15+ years , then you can get the self sponsored visa for him .

There are few rules and requirements .
But tbh , only Bahrain has easy Immigration laws in whole GCC .
Imagine , my dad worked in the Govt sector in Saudi for 32 years but sadly in KSA there isn't a retirement visa of any sort.

Click on below link for more info , would be happy to assist you if you got further queries .
Self Sponsorship Bahrain

My father has worked for more than 15 years here but left in 2003 last quarter. I checked at NPRA office (Bldg-2) at Exhibition avenue and they told it is possible. Because I had apprehension since it is long gap since he left. However they told good conduct certificate required from India but I came to know we can get from CID here in Bahrain. When I went to CID office they told I can get but they needed CPR no. which I didn't have but I got now.

I have below queries which if you could reply it will help me:

1) I understand there is some finger pint requirement for good conduct certificate depending on your last CPR. Overall how much time takes for this certificate issuing?
2) Regarding bank statement from India required for him, is it ok if it has low balance? They told I need to give some letter that I will give some money to him every month. Issue is my father is here so how to get statement
3) My father is on visit visa currently so wanted to understand after we submit all these how much time on average they take to process and issue visa. As otherwise he has to exit


Ok .
It's possible .

Regarding bank statement , if he has a account , just make some monthly transfers every month . Also if the bank account has a good balance , it helps , but again if you can show that your fathers account gets monthly atleast 500 BD , it will pass and Immigration will accept it . If he has Indian account , do monthly transfers , but do it for a period of 6 months as they need 6 months statement .

Also if you can provide letter that helps , but as I said , from now , for every month transfer 500 BD into his account just tho show that he gets funds .

It's totally fine if you withdraw from his account , and then you send it again every month .

And for your last question , please note it will take long , 1-2 months to get approval for this better he leaves and you apply for him .
If he was in India he would need a PCC , which is easy to get in India .

You're lucky , at the time I applied , there was a requirement of F.D in any Bahraini Bank of 5,000 BD .

Now it's not needed .

Thanks. I am still confused on 2 points:

1) Good conduct certificate: I should get from CID here while he is here? I hope its possible.
2) Bank statement: My father is retired and there is no income. Further they told me 1 month statement is ok and I need to give some letter that I will give 500 BD every month to him practically giving 500 BD is not feasible so after visa do they demand new statement to verify this transfer??For e.g. I transfer INR equ to 500BD and let it be in his account and submit this statement..should it be ok?


1. Yes take him to CID and get the conduct certificate.

2. Send some funds into his account so balance increases.
Next month make a transfer from your account to his for 500 bd, print statement and you're good.

Later on after visa issued nothing matters :)

They ask nothing.

Apply for Good Conduct certificate now and even if he leaves you can collect it.

ok thanks..i wll do so..


I m done with all documents except on bank statement part. I need to show balance inmy father account eqv to 300 bhd or 500 bhd?

Above posts say 500BHD

500 BD to be safe .

I have considered 300 BD and submitted today. Logic is my father is with me in Bahrain since 3 months then he does not need money in India account! Lets see..they have accepted the application and told it will take 2 months!!Too long..!

It's generally 1-2 month , maybe it'll approve earlier too :)

There is requirement of CPR copy by them. Now the thing is I have CPR no but not CPR copy. Where I need to go to get CPR copy? Could you guide me?


Update me , how far has the process come?

I could get the CPR copy and applied last month.Yet to get update.its about to complete 1 month.they say it takes 1 to 2 months.lets wait

Hope it gets approved :)

Let me know if anything happens .

Hey Jdsoni

Any updates ?

I suggest you visit them again and ask for an update, sometimes they do forget to call you up.

Thanks.i had visited last week and they told not ready but told me that this week insaallah!
Will follow up again now..
I thought not to follow up too much:) as had earlier also enquired on phone 2 to 3 times.
I just hope that since no comments till now all is ok positively.

Hi All, Pleased to inform that I got the visa for my parents! It takes around 2 months on an average after submission of documents.And one cant track it as it is not online but just wait and follow up personally or over phone.

Congratulations , happy for you

Many people usually don't know how to live in Bahrain after retirement , I hope this post shares insight to people in the GCC and Bahrain , who want to live in Bahrain after retirement , buying property etc .

And if anyone who is looking for info on self sponsored visa , do PM me .


I've been reading your replies about self sponsorship and you're a great help. Well I have a question regarding owning a property in Bahrain and getting a residency permit but I was wondering if it would be too much complicated process. I visited Bahrain few times and liked it a lot this is why I intend to buy a property there do you have any idea about this whole process

thank you for your help

Hi..yes you can get residence permit with ownership of property.Documents required are to be produced.Call on 973-17399712.
This category is for investor, retired having worked 15+yrs in Gcc and property owner.

hey thanks a lot for your reply I'll contact the number tomorrow to inquire thank u

Hi again

have you heard of cases where permanent residency has been denied even if you are a property owner?

Hi there..
No i havent..but if you generally ask me if all docs are submitted as per requirement u should get my case my father had left bahrain before 14 yrs still i got visa.
Did they told any condition subject to which u cant get visa for ownership?

I didnt have the chance to call today i was on travel but i heard from a bahraini friend that since im a girl and single it might be difficult or take too much time also im lebanese and relations between the 2 countries are not very well this is why im worried
I visited this country and loved it so ill try my best wish me luck

hi i want to apply for my fathers visa...he has worked in bahrain more than 15 yrs and born and brought up here too. now his visa is on grace period.

hi i want to apply for my fathers visa...he has worked in bahrain more than 15 yrs and born and brought up here too. now his visa is on grace period.

Hi u can apply for this visa then

He will have to exit the country first and then you can apply for a visit visa.


I hv applied 3 months back for Self sponsorship retirement visa with all the required documents but when I checkin person at the office showing my application number , they answer that it's still in progress.
Now 10 days later I hv to leave since my mobility period will come to an end.
The NPRA, SS office tells me that, once visa is processed, they will let me know by mail and then I hv to come on visit visa to regularise. Pl I need advise what should I do

The retirement visa usually takes anywhere between a month to six months to approve. Nothing you can do except to follow up and wait.

If I go back after mobility time , will they call or email me to inform on self sponsorship retirement visa or application will become redundant

An application that is in process doesn't become redundant.  Suggest to engage a PRO who can keep checking on your behalf when you are not here.

Thank you for the reply.
I wI'll do that n now can go a day before my mobility time ends.
I am relieved wother your answer that they do not dump application as redundant.
I was specifically asking this because some one very confidently was telling that they come to know who left after expiry of mobility and thus application gets dumped
Thanks once again.

Any update on your application nitinsohoni?

Just three days back I received the mail.
It was a mail addressed to group,
My visa is  cleared. I am now processing visit visa to return back to Bahrain to regularise it.

Thank you for follow up.

Congrats.  Good it worked out for you.  It took you what, 4 months?

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