looking for partners for small farming project

I am looking for potential partners who would be interested to invest in a farming project. I own agricultural land in the vicinity of Grand Bay, with stunning views, and I plan to rear cattle (goats, cows, sheep, etc). There is huge demand for quality meat and fresh milk and I have got good experience in this area. The farm can also include a farmhouse in natural surroundings which can be let to holiday makers.

Investment required is not huge.


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You should post your advert under Mauritius classifieds > job section.

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which scale are you talking about, what is the surface of land you own in ha, just to get a idea of the volume you can produce,




There are various options.

They are not too large. We have about 3 ha in Grand Bay area plus another of 1.5 acre in mon mascal area suitable for goat rearing, and we have small farms for sale within a cooperative society that extends over 56 acres, but for this one, any investor should aim at buying the whole society (11 contiguous plots0.

If you have any investment interest in mauritius, in any sector, please feel free to discuss with me, I may advise.




I saw you ad for investment in agricultural land. If you are still interested please PM me

Please mail me on
*** - our son in law is a good farmer - specifically with livestock.  Tell us the size of your farm, can we acquire more land, etc

Thank you

K. Ring

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