How to make friends in Stuttgart

Hi Suren,

Welcome to the forum!
Would you like to help arrange an EB gathering in Stuttgart?
I tried some time ago, but so far the interest seems low.


Making friends in Germany is not difficult. You must immerse yourself in the culture and language. Watch mostly German TV programming, go to the bars, restaurants, or any place where there is a fair amount of German people. Carry a English to German, German to English dictionary, where ever you go and use it. After a few months, if you apply yourself, you will learn more about language than through any formal or informal language training. Read everything you can get your hands on that's in the German language; Newspapers, Books, etc.  The more you begin to grasp German culture and language, the faster you will make friends!!

AutumnRose :

It has been very difficult to make friends here. I have even started taking a Langauge course. I think my location makes it harder. Even though plenty of people in my area speak English. They seem to have thier own group of tight friends and dont really add newbies into it. Is anything new going on in the Stuttgart area. I dont mind taking hte Metro into the city to meet up with people.

The post is almost two years old, so, I am not sure if you are still here in Filderstadt. I joined only a few days back but I have been living here for the past seventeen years. Would love to know people , so that I can speak in English. It is German day in and day out. and I need to hear a bit of other languages. People who speak Hindi and Malayalam are also welcome. As a multilingual person, I need to open up.. Thank you  Suren

Good afternoon,

Any meeting group apart from the "new in Stuttgart" run by Germans? I would like to meet some foreigners, I think it´s easier to understand each other because we are far away from home. I think there is one run by Americans... do you know something about?

thank you in advance

There are goups on Facebook and - but you are also welcome to help arrange an Expat-Blog gathering in Stuttgart. There's currently another thread ongoing about the topic, please join them!

asslam o alaikum brother my name is salman i am not in german but my brother omer is in stuttguard he is new and needs friends and job if somebody can arrange ...
..we belong to gujranwala punjab .. .i think we should help each other if possible ...thanks

Hey there. I'm making Au Pair in Stuttgart and want to meet some new people and make new friends. Someone there who wants to spend some freetime with me? Send me a message pleeeeaaase :)

Good morning.

I am interested in your invitation.
Please where are you. (moderated: do not leave your phone number here)

Sebastine Yang
Papua New Guinea

I'm now in Stuttgart and I am looking for someone who can have fun together.

My name is hadi .I'm from Saudi.  I like to have a cup of coffee with you.

Hi all,

I have recently moved to Stuttgart and looking for friend who can help me exploring and spending time here


i would be interested. how can we meet up?


i love to hang over coffey or movie

Yes, contact me maybe we can drink something together and see some nice places here. My email is in a few posts behind :)

Seems to be a nice forum for making friends... i ll be moving to stuttgart in October and would love to make new friends... Will surely contact some of you. Expect me  :cool:

I am coming to Stuttgart on 3 August 2015. I will stay there for one week, I would like to have a friend there to help and guide me and spend some time together to enjoy.


Hi guys, I'm going to visit my boyfriend in Stuttgart next week for two weeks, except he will be working basically every day, so I was hoping to meet new people to hang out with and see the city with! I hope to get some replies as I would really love to meet new people! :)

Hi to all!! I will be some more weeks here :) , if somebody would like to do something just let me know. I will be happy to visit the city with new friends.

i will be friends and hangout with anybody. I am new here.

I shall be free on most weekends, please feel free to drop me a message.

Hi Jaaz

i would like to catchup with you and explore the city

See yaaa


New Bee ...

Looking for cool friends to hangout

message me


there are some englich speaking clubs. if you are an american and have the opportunity to go to a military base i would do that

from which country are u?

from which country are you?

if you will come back- feel free to message me :)

to a military base ? are u here right now ? do you wanna hangout?

are you still living in Stuttgart?:)


My name is moody, I'm planning to visit stuttgart next few months. I will be more than happy to make friends and hangout there.


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