SDQ to Las Terrenas Transportation

Hello - any recommendations for transportation companies to get from SDQ to Las Terrenas?  I prefer to prepay and reduce the amount of cash I need to bring, so I want to make sure I use someone reliable.

I never got any responses, but ended up going with Transfer.DO - a great process!  The two drivers I had were friendly, polite and professional.  The one taking us back to Santo Domingo even offered to stop at a nice big gas station in case we needed a bathroom break in the 2 hour trip!

Glad it worked out for you

Bob K

Can you tell me what they charged you for the ride one way?

It was about $190 US from SDQ to the central area of Las Terrenas (right near the Town Office).  We were in Playa Coson when we headed back and that was about $170.

There is a bus that you can take for about $8 US.  I have issues with motion sickness, so I was afraid that 2 hours on the bus wouldn't be pleasant!

Thanks for the quick response!  I guess your cost was right in line with what we paid when we were down there last October.  We paid $180 each way plus a tip.  Nice to know about the bus though. We are moving to LT in October so wanted to find another way as the $180 seems a little high every time we want to visit Santo Domingo for shopping or sight seeing.



We might try the bus next time - I'll just take some dramamine first! 

Have you already found a place to live?  We're buying in Playa Bonita.

Hi ddmcghee,

We have found a condo in downtown Las Terrenas . We'll be moving in on 15 October. It's in Plaza Colonial.

We think we will need a car for a few days while getting ourselves settled so I think we have decided to rent a car from the airport . As far as we can tell the minimum rental time is three days. It's a little more expensive, around $300, but I think it will work for us as we'll have transportation while we're getting settled.

Hope we can meet up with all the new and more experienced expats when we get there.

Please keep in touch.



That's a great location!  Head over to One Love Surf Shack at Pueblo de Los Pescadores in the afternoon to meet many English speaking expats.

Look for Doug Barker and Helen Mitchell - a lovely British couple who own Beachtown Property Real Estate there in Plaza Colonial.  They've been in town for over a decade and can introduce you to a lot of folks! 

We'll be down for another visit before the end of the year, but we're still at least 3-4 years away from moving there for good!


Thanks so much for the information Denise. I really appreciate knowing some of the people that we hope to meet when we get there. Please look us up when you come for a visit. I'm sure I'll be able to give someone you know my phone number or address when we get there so you can contact us. But you know where we live so if we don't touch base before then please just come and knock on our door.



Hi Nancy, how are you liking LT? My wife and I are in Punta Cana through mid-October deciding if we should move here. We also have been reviewing a lot of posts in the forums about Las Terrenas and would like to spend a few days there to explore. Any suggestions near the beach, shops and restaurants? How is Plaza Colonial?

Thanks, JOHN

Hi John,

We haven't actually moved in to Plaza Colonial yet. Our lease starts on October 15th. We are going to be traveling from Washington State to Miami and then fly over to Santa Domingo by the 15th of October. We have visited Las Terrenas before and love it!

Would love to talk more about this. Please keep contacting us through the Forum and we will let you know how everything goes when we move in.

Best regards,


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