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Hi all, I have been struggling to get employment in the field of accountancy, I have a degree in accounting and an advanced knowledge in technical accounting(IFRS). I find it difficult to getting a job, if you have advice, contacts or otherwise diligent advice will be appreciated. Gabby

What is your visa status? Does it allow work?
Did you read and follow advice given in the many discussions about the topic that this forum already has?

I only have a visitor's visa

That does not help you in finding a job.
But at least you are in Singapore and can attend interviews. Try to extend your stay for the maximum allowed (89 days) - you'll need that long for the application process.

...thanks for your response. I am in a challenging situation, I am admitted for a professional training for chartered accountants in singapore, The nature of the classes I have to attend are special seminars once in a while offered by the institute. I also have to get employment locally for my practical component of the training.  That is why I need a accounting job. I have over 4 years of experience in accounting outside Singapore. Kindly assist if you can.

If you are chartered accountancy trainee, you should get a student visa instead of a visitor visa.
Both do not allow you to work.
If you need to work for up to three months in a company as practical part of your course, you need to get a Training Employment Pass (TEP), see
    http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permit … ligibility
Your school shopuld be able to help you with this, and also to find a company that accepts you.

...thank you once again, I will try out, but the training is a minimum of 3 years covering accounting as well as audit.

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