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Good day everyone, I need advice what I am going to do regarding my previouse employer. I have'nt transferred to another employer due to no visa available. My previous employer is already asking me money as payment for my visa and the monthly fees or gossy. She always scare me that she's going to cancell my visa as soon as possible. But still my visa is valid eventhough I agredd already to cancell my visa.
Please I need advice regarding what are the possibilities that might happen to me if ever my visa are already cancelled. Also if I have to give the amount she's asking me for my visa and gossi? For quick responce, please feel free to contact me at xxx

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If your visa is cancelled, you will have one month to transfer your visa to a new employer. I am not sure if your previous employer can insist that you pay the monthly GOSI fees but that is a possibility...

Your employer can ask you to pay if you have not honored the terms of the contract, what i mean is if you have signed a contract of 2 years and your putting down your papers before the term completion then the employer has the right to sue you for damages according to law.

You can check the status of your visa under here


Thanks. Actually they forced me to sign termination letter. The business is down, its been 4months since I end up working working with they already move and have a new smaller one restaurant.

Can I please know what the employer possibly may do if I put the papers before completion of my  term?  He will sue means? What will they do actually?

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