Riyadh to Dubai by road....Visa application

Hello Everyone,

I am willing to travel to Dubai by road from Riyadh during Eid holidays.

I know we need to get visas online.

I tried applying online and have got following queries.

Which Emirate i select for visa application? Abu Dhabi or Dubai

If i select Abu Dhabi then the profession list does not have marketing specialist. Should I select specialist as profession for application?

If i select Dubai then what should be the port of entry?

My contact number is xxx. Please provide your updates or clarification on this blog or watsapp or call.

I intend to travel on 24th june so very short time left for visa application.

Thank you.

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Good day. I would like to ask if an engineer with hepa b positive (non-reactive) can apply for a job in uae and can be grant with working or resident visa? My friend is scared to go in uae and apply for a job because he might be rejected because of this. Hope you can answer my query. Thanks in advance.

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