Open up a business in Siem Reap

Hey everyone,

I like to open up a Hostel in Siem Reap, we also have two hostels in India already and wanna come over now to Cambodia.
We started looking for properties and so one, now we wanna open up a business but it still will take a while and gonna cost a lot of time.
So we wanna do it through a lawyer or someone who is specified at it to safe some time and do it right straight away.
Someone has opened up a business before and can give me advice or know someone who can help me with it?
Thanks for all your help! :)

Thanks so much!

We actually find a property to rent which suits us very well.

We wanna open up a party Hostel for backpacker - so make some money with the beds but probably the most with food and drinks.

We went to see a lawyer but he wants 2400$ which is way to much what we think.

So we still are looking for someone and also start to do it by our own and go to the chamber of commerce and hope they can help us out.

What do u think, do. we really need a lawyer to set this up?

Would you like to meet up for a discussion?

Hi, I will need also help and info. maybe to hire someone. My email: ***

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