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I'm planning to settle in stuttgart to seek a job there. I'm a tunisian industrial engineer  and I'm targeting first the medical technology industry but also any other industrial field. After some search I come to the conclusion that Baden-Württemberg is the best place to find maybe faster what I need ( in demand of engineer , low unemployment rate ...) . A french freind from this community confirmed also this . But I need to hear more experiences from people living here . I know every body has his own experince and nothing is a rule and I read some discussions  that give me  a good idea but its more reasurring  to hear directly from people there.
How far the companies are in demand of engineer in the region of stuttgart.?  its hard to find an acommodation during the summer period ? the average of job offer remain the same in this period also or it decrease ? Spontanuous application can work in germany ?
Any other useful information can really help me.
Im very grateful for all of you in advance  :heart:  and wish read from you

FYI I dont speak german but I start learning alone and i hope practice it once arrived to germany

It is true that unemployment is low and particularly engineers are in demand in the Stuttgart area.
However, you still need to do your thorough research of the market and target those employers with the highest chances for you.
Also, don't expect quick success: Hiring processes in Germany take several months!
Unsolicited applications are common and may be useful for many companies.

Since similarly skilled EU citizens must be hired first (by law), you should concentrate on your knowledge and experience that Europeans don't normally have.
Also, without good German language skills, your chances are MUCH lower and you will be paid less than others.

There aren't many medical technology companies in and around Stuttgart - I only know Roche and Philips. You may be better off in Villingen-Schwenningen, 1.5 hrs drive South of here, which is a centre of the German medical industry. Stuttgart is bigger on automotive and machinery.

It is generally not easy (or cheap) to find accommodation in Stuttgart, also in summer. But it is especially difficult to find short-term accommodation for anything less than six months (and furnished apartments are extremely rare and expensive).

First of all hello Beppi and really thank you very much for your answer :)

I will take in account all your advises ! I know it will never esay but I have a hope that things work well with me ...I'm doing a thourough research and I started yet my application for several offers  since some months and unfortunately I didnt get any positive response only a phone call from a recruitment agency specialized in health care industry and engineering talent .I feel that not being in place is a big handicap for that im applying for visa job seeker. This is a list of medical companies in Baden-Württemberg ( for those interested )that i will send to them a spontanuous application in addition of my normal job hunting. … amp;from=0
I am willing to learn german and I think being there will make it easier. If you have any other advise  , please tell me.

About the accomodation, I don't want to worry a lot right now ( because I didnt take yet my visa ) just only some information to anticipate difficulties will be useful. For example , how is the procedure to rent a furnished one room flat for 1-2 months ?  I can book it by e-mail and once arrived I pay the owner? The transactions in Tunisia is so much complicated , we cannot send devise outside the country  unless I see an arrangement with the bank.

Again thank you very much beppi for the help

Furnished short-term rentals are normally through specialized agencies, e.g.
The payment conditions depend on the agency, but you always need to give a downpayment to secure a booking - and often you can pay that (and the final bill) by credit card.
Please note that such apartments are in high demand, especially in Stuttgart, and usually booked up a few months in advance - despite their high price.

Thank u very much beppi

Hi, i think you are the right place which is Stuttgart city. I will select for you Robert Bosch, Coperion GmbH etc such kind Firms. You have more chances in Stuttgart as Engineer rather then any other state in Germany.

If you are in Stuttgart city then if would be nice to meet for a coffee as well we will share some more experiences...



Hello  beppi

Sorry to bother you again.  I'm really perplexed staying in stuttgart or in Villingen-Schwenningen ? The problem is the difficulty to find a suitable accomodation in stuttgart , I contacted several owners but it seems all rooms are reserveted for the upcoming months counter to  Villingen-Schwenningen which I get some positive answer from owners . The average price of one furnished room in the same in the two cities but to find one in stuttgart is more harder ( maybe impossible right now)
the medical industry is more Located in Villingen-Schwenningen but stuttgart is a big city and maybe is more suitable for a job seeker (?!?) ......
I don't know alot of Villingen-Schwenningen .....How is it ?How is the transport there ? it will be easy to move inside and outside it ( between cities) without car? 
Any additional information about the city from expat members  could be very useful for me

Thank you very much

Yes, the (rental) accommodation market is very difficult in Stuttgart. It makes no sense to start searching before you are here, because no honest landlord would agree to rent out to you without having met you - and you should consider unfurnished rooms, as they are more widely available and far cheaper. It is also common that rooms are advertised at the beginning of the (minimum three months) termination period of the previous tenant, and then quickly taken up. This means you'd have to sign a rental contract for a place you can only move in two or three months later!
I have never been to Villingen-Schwenningen, so cannot comment about the area.

Thank u beppi for ur answer.
I can't start looking for a room once being there cause the time will be very tight and I can't put my money in hotel as they are very expensive for the budget of a job seeker that'sa why I have to secure a cheap staying place before being there and maybe Villingen-Schwenningen will be a solution.
Any one have answers for my questiona above  about Villingen-Schwenningen please tell me ...

You should not agree to rent anything you have not seen - there are too many bad apples around! (This is true for Villingen-Schwenningen, too!)
There really is no alternative (other than staying with friends) to getting a temporary room or apartment for the first two to three months and looking for a place to rent during that time.
Temporary rooms or small apartments are available starting at €40-50/night if you book ahead, which is cheaper than a hotel. If you do not have that money (plus around €1000/month for living expenses), you should not come to Germany.
Sorry if this is not the answer you want to hear, but it is the truth.

Also, be prepared to return to your country after a few months (without job and money). It is not that easy to find a job here, especially without speaking German!
(It might be a better idea to start learning German first and look for a job there in a few years, when you can speak.)

No I want to hear any answer even worst than my expectation to be well prepared I'm not expecting that things being easy cause I don't know any person there plus the language but I'm expecting that it will be a new experience even I failed and returned to my country as you told without job and money but the experience is worth to do it.
Maybe there is a lot of scams as u told, but did u think that all people coming from different places around the world have to see the place before being here ? A minimum of trust is sometimes needed to move on.. The embassy define the value of a period of stay of six months to 4320 euros that means around 700- 800 per month all included. Is the embassy  playing scam also ?
Maybe I will stay some days in hotel in stuttgart to discover the place before going to VS and if during the two three months I didnt like the country Im preparing myself to return to my home ..

Elaâ :

No I want to hear any answer even worst than my expectation to be well prepared I'm not expecting that things being easy cause I don't know any person there plus the language but I'm expecting that it will be a new experience even I failed and returned to my country as you told without job and money but the experience is worth to do it..

Well, that's the right spirit for starting an adventure with unknown results!

As for accommodation, if you get one at a lowewr than usual price or on short notice, there is certainly something wrong with it. You need to visit to see what!
Also, German landlords are very conservative and will only agree to rent to you iof they trust you (because it is legally very difficult to get rid of a tenant once he lives in a property - it can take years and cost thousands of Euros to get him out!). If someone does so without even having seen you (and you being a foreigner with no regular income), there is certainly something wroing with the landlord. Again, you need to meet him to judge!
I really advice you not to rent without this. It is best to bring a German-speaking friend along for the negotiations and checking the wordings of the written rental contract. (And, of course, never send any money before you arrive, as it is most likely lost forever!)

The €800/month required by the embassy is the minimum survival limit (poverty line). As a foreigner without knowing the language and where to get things at cheap prices, you will need more, at least in the first few months. And if you want a reasonable lifestyle without having to pince every penny, you'll need even more.

I have told you at the beginning that it is too hard to fine job from outside Germany as well to find Flat in Stuttgart, while too much people around the world as well from East Germany are coming to Stuttgart due to work.

Schwenningen is weit from Stuttgart city and it is not city but it is like small town despite of Stuttgart. I can help you with accommodation which is the only way to find job here. Here another girl living with me but she is leaving next month, then i can share my flat to you until you find job as well your own flat.

I will select for you only Stuttgart or München city to find work as well for living in Germany, other cities has low chances of job such you are looking for.

I said forward me your wats app number to make sure your coming or any other assistance, otherwise i gave you advice but i don't know more what and where you want to live.



Thank u very much beppi for ur advises. I will take them all in account and as I told if in the first two three month I won't get positive signs I will return I'm very intuitive person and the master of letting go ....

Hello sunny

Thank u very much for ur offer and hospitality but I'm one hundred time more conservative than german people thats why it's not possible to accept your offer I rather prefer doing every thing alone and have my private flat otherwise I won't come to germany . Vs is a town that's true but the center of medical industry , watch industry and other the industrial companies are expanding in this area . I rather prefer as foreigner staying in  big cities like stuttgart munchen and so on but also around my own personal possibilities  . If you really u want help me all I need information and advises about germany in general. Having a german adress is the most important for me to start my job hunting inside germany and I'm open to work in any place and relocate I don't have any preference to a lander or a town..
That's why I'm asking about the transport between cities without car for a job seeker?
If theres someone in villingen-schwenningen or around and can give advise please im geateful.


Hello PebbI

To rent in the "studentwohnheim" is a common and guaranteed thing in germany?


"Studentenwohnheim" (student hostel) is for students - and in most university towns there aren't enough places for all students, so there are usually waiting lists.
Since you would be a job seeker, not student, you cannot stay there.

But the most of them told me that they can offer me a place for august September I have to sign the contract and pay an amount to secure the rent .but I still doubtfull...

Oh, you are talking about students in hostels temporarily subletting their rooms while they are on summer vacation?
In most hostels, this is not allowed, although I heard before that it is occasionally done.
However, if you agree to this, you have no legal recourse in case things do not turn out as expected (e.g. if you are found by the management and thrown out).
And under no circumstances should you send money beforehand - chances are that in such a case you will not hear from them again and there is no hostel room waiting for you!

Please, for your own safety, heed the following advice:
1. Do not agree to rent any place you have not visited.
2. Do not trust anybody who wants to rent to you without having met you.
3. Do not give any money before you have the apartment and keys to it.
4. The only accommodations you should book from abroad are hotels, B&Bs and short-term serviced apartments (from established agencies). Everything else needs to be settled when you are here.

Besides, August and the first half of September are summer vacations here (Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg) - not a good time to search for a job!

I think Beppi has given a lot of good advice. Sunnyjani on the other hand seems to only repeat generalizations that are mostly cliché’s but it’s hard to judge his posts since his English is not very good. He seems to be Indian but claims to be American on his profile...

Anyway, I don't know the area well but have been to Villingen-Schwenningen (often referred to as VS) which is actually 2 separate cities which along with some even smaller communities in the area incorporated as one municipality. It’s not an exciting place although not far from the Black Forest. Villingen has a charming city center with old buildings but most of the rest of the city and Schwenningen has little of interest.

The question of which is better VS or Stuttgart depends on if you like to live in a small town or a major city. As far as jobs go of course there will be more diversity in a large city like Stuttgart but also more competition from other educated people. I don't know about the companies in VS but if they have a lot of ones in your specific filed then it sounds like the better opportunity. And like you might have found, it is probably cheaper and easier to find a place to live in VS. Another factor is that one really needs to have a car to get around the VS while Stuttgart has such an extensive system of public transportation that many like myself have find it easier to live without an auto.

Thank u beppi for all your adevices and also for you Tomi .I won't came to germany until I find a good place to stay .my visa starts from August but it's not necessary being there in august . Normally production sites and industry work 12 months and holidays are taken by shifts . Maybe hiring is much less cause final  interviws  could be brought  back to september but it's a less competitive period cause the majority of people think it's a bad time for seeking a job and then your paper could be better viewed as there is not a lot of pressure.
Concerning town or city, l prefer being in a vibrant place with interesting cultural lif not nessary a huge city ( I'm  a painter and I need that) .I rather prefer also moving without I didn't find a place in stuttgart or munchen I have found that ulm is a beatiful town with a lot of opportunities close to both of cities 1h from stuttgart and 2h from munchen .I have sent some spontaneous application in ulm and I get a phone interview from the CEO of a big firm . He was very neutral during the interview but anyway for me it's a good sign .
I will continue sending application with the mention "Visa holder" until I find a good place to settle.
Did you know information about Ulm?
Thanks again

I repeat my advice again: To avoid disappointment (or a long, fruitless search), book a temporary place first (hotel, B&B or serviced apartment, furnished, for up to maybe 3 months) and start looking for a long-term apartment (unfurnished) when you're here!

:lol: Im not bill gates yet to book a hotel for 3 months !!! Its exactly what im doing looking for a furnished one room for temporary stay 2 months /3months max  ( looking mainly on wg-gesucht or airnb and other..). it have any sense to look for a long term appartement(unfurnished) until I sign  a work contract... .

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