New members of the Thailand forum, introduce yourselves here – June to December 2017

Hey I'm Marcus. Been living in Thailand for 2 years. Really like BKK!

Retiredenglish gent to gain retirement visa will a hotel address be suffice for immigration i dont want to buy a house or rent one i only want room service !!

Hi Happy New year 2018 to all , Rissie  here from Chiang Mai. Its nice to meet you.
I am kind of P/T  expat & living between Chiang Mai and Oz. I plan to have my blog in the near future (all things about places i have been to ,from my humble Thai prospective).

Some years ago i was an expat in  Papau New Ginea. Yes there were head hunters! Hunting me down the market lane ! !  what happen next? i become a very good runner! :)
Say Hi and bye for now.


Wonderful forum

The more I research different places to live the more the north Is looking better for me especially budget wise. Chiang mai and Pattaya have both been recommended to me. Don’t want to be in a city more on the outskirts, thanks for your advice.

Hi, Pattaya is by sea,closer to Bangkok, a fun and lively city. Chiang Mai is 8 hours by train/drive, an hour by plane from Bangkok. The city offers an old charm heritage, hundred of temples and picturesque surrounding, there are river, lakes and mountains,and waterfalls to explore.
It is depend on what kind of environment -living you looking for. Weather wise, Chiang Mai is also a much cooler part of Thailand. Hope this help.Regds

Welcome Rissie and the rest of you!
PNG must have been a real adventure. We're lucky you survived!

Thank you for a warm welcome Ruffian. Oh yes ! PNG s on my mind :)

Hello Guys,

I am Dani, I always come to Bangkok Every 3 Months but I am not staying there for long time. due to work schedule and Thai girlfriend there. I'm looking for a job because i want have many experience. I felt so stuck in my life and career in jakarta so I decide to Move in Bangkok for try and explorer my career, skill and challenges

I've been working in a IT Company, Manufacture, Shipping line and Retail/ Traditional market, my education background are IT Computer science, I Love sales and marketing and interest about that, but in my exeperience especially in sales and marketing not any related with my educational background .For your information my Latest job as a branch manager B2B in Senior level

I love to meet new friends and mostly I would welcome sincere friends. If anyone read my message, would like to contact me. Please drop me an email at
I would keen to learn new good and healthy activities. Nice to meet you in, GBU


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Welcome everyone! :)

I'm baaaaaack!

Hat Yai has been my home base for more than a dozen years, but I've flitted in and out, working in countries with higher salaries to support my family here.

Now, I'm hoping to make the move home a permanent one, working online and freelancing.

So, I'm not a Thailand or the forum.

Welcome back MisterStretch ! :)

January 2018

My first post to say hi to those I hope will calm my fears and trepidation at making the decision to give up inner city living in Sydney for a semi rural one in Thailand.

Why the username "one legged monkey" ?

As the long and lanky skinny kid with coke bottle glasses I was always a tad accident prone. Play ground fights, falls, freak waves, fingers jammed in car doors first day of summer holidays.

Then as an adult after, miraculously surviving childhood without any broken bones, I fell off a fence and broke both wrists. Those that saw it happen say it was like a monkey falling out of a tree.

A few years ago I was involved in a motor bike accident  when a semi trailer failed to see me and dragged me and my little Vespa 30m down the road. Sadly I lost a leg but against the odds am still alive.

it has meant a huge lifestyle change. after a life of travel and working as a Chef, a Butler, Restaurant Manager and in Corporate Catering & Events life in forced semi retirement has become a bit staid.

My partner and I are ready for a new adventure while we are still active and creative, setting up a home and artist studio and welcoming friends in Thailand.

We have been visiting Bangkok twice a year for about 10 years and I have a brother who lives about 4 hours south of Bangkok. Sadly I see BKK as having grown up a lot in the last 5 years and becoming over policed like Singapore. The street vendors are going, the night markets and beer gardens are making way for new western style apartments. Red wine is the new Chang.

We have just come back from a reconnaissance trip to Chiang Mai and it has the feel and character that BKK has lost.

So here I am with a million things to research, questions to ask and to hopefully have answered ? which is how I came upon this site.

I look forward to joining the Ex Pat conversation.


Welcome Graham! :)

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Thanks for your support


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