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I am an non EU national and I have worked in Belgium for about 3 years under work permit B and now in the process to get my 4th permit B. I have a few question:
1. Am I eligible to apply for work permit A, since I have worked and lived here for 3 years? FYI, my wife and child are legally living with me in Belgium. If yes, should I apply before or after I get my new permit B?
2. Once I get my work permit A, does that mean I can apply for 5 years residence permit? Or I must be living here for 5 years before I can apply?
3. If I have permit A, is my wife allowed to work without applying her own work permit? Or we must hold 5 years residence in order for her to work?

My wife has been struggling to find a job as she get quite some response from the employers but they are reluctant to apply work permit for her.

Thanks for your help.

1. … ork_permit

I hope you have referred to the info there -> It points you to work ministry info about salaried workers. Flanders ( … definition ), Wallonia ( … avail.html ) and Brussels ( ).

As per the info in those websites, I see you are eligible to apply for a Work permit A, but certain categories of work are not allowed to do this. Please check the corresponding website and get this clarification.

1.1 Do you plan to continue working for the same company that is currently sponsoring your work permit B. If so, it is worth checking with them if you can perform the same job role using a work permit A.

2. In my knowledge, NO. The criteria for applying for a long-term card is that you must have completed 5 year uninterrupted stay and work in Belgium. Getting a work permit A will not be an exception to this pre-requisite.

3. You having a permit A does not change anything for your wife. She must get her work permit or a 5 year card or a professional card.

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