Self-assessment tool shows I am not eligible to apply epass.

I have concern. The consultancy agency applied an E Pass for me yesterday with a salary of 3600 sgd which is within the range of the Epass salary bracket. However, when i tried to use the self-assessment tool, the result is that I can more likely get S Pass only. The agency told me that they don't have spass quota so only can apply epass for me. Is there a chance that the application get approved by MOM? Is there anyone out there who had the same esperience with me? Can you guys share your thoughts please.

By the way, I am filipino who is an Electronics engineer who worked in Singapore for more than 2years already and was holding Spass before.

It's a wise decision to do a SAT before applying any pass. Secondly, $3,600 is not within the range for E pass, it's the minimum fixed salary amount per month for eligibility to apply E pass. But in real case, if someone is applying for EP with having at least 2yrs experience then salary cap would be much higher.

Thirdly, to apply EP along with salary, other factors are too vital such as qualification (minimum a recognised degree) and a position offered by the employer then niche skills  etc. So, when you are conforming that SAT test shows you are eligible for S pass then chances in your case is not positive and outcome may come as rejection. If employer doesn't have S pass quota then either you may look other employer or else talk to the employer if they can apply S pass once the quota is available (speak to them only after it's confirmed that MoM has rejected the application). Good luck

Note: In your case they should not apply EP as all along you are working under S pass only, so without any material changes like you recently graduated from a recognised university and salary is above the minimum cap level then MoM may consider but in your case, I don't see MoM would accept.

Hello Philantro,
I have the same issue. My employer applied E-pass for me but when I took the assessment, it stated I am only eligible for S-Pass.
I'm curious, did you and employer managed to get E-Pass?
Thank you in advance and regards.

Ph2sg1234 wrote:

Hello Philantro,
I have the same issue. My employer applied E-pass for me but when I took the assessment, it stated I am only eligible for S-Pass.
I'm curious, did you and employer managed to get E-Pass?
Thank you in advance and regards.

If your employer ticked the box for "consider S-Pass as well as EP" in the application form, you will be given an S-Pass if eligible.
If not, you will be rejected (and no subsequent application for S-Pass allowed).
Since S-Passes are subject to levies and quotas, many employers will not tick this box.

Thank you Beppi!
Now, I will call my employer and enquire. I really hope they tick the S-Pass or E-Pass.

Have a good day!

Hello Beppi,
I checked in with my Employer and this is what they said "The pass that we've put in for you is S-Pass, the E-Pass you see online is probably just a generic term for employment pass"
Does this mean, Employment pass and E-Pass are two different passes?
I'm a little confuse now but I should have trust my employer on this.

Thanks in advance!

Employer has confirmed that they have only applied for S pass, which is correct as per SAT.

E pass is a generic term refer to employment pass.

In separate note, $3600 is a minimum salary eligible to apply EP, but no where you will be approved, cause with number of years experiences, your salary should be much higher. So, employer did apply S pass for you, which is correct. Good luck

But when I checked online thru 'Status Check/EPONLINE.MOM' the PASS TYPE written is [b]Employment Pass and not S-Pass, as what my employer applied.
Would this be possible for S-Pass to become Employment Pass?

So now it's up to you whether you believe your employer, or MoM - or you call and ask!

Employment pass means either E or S pass.

EP is the abbreviation of Employment Pass.
Check the MoM website for details.

Hello Everyone, Beppi, Surya and Migsz.
Thanks for all your replies.
I have a good news. My pass have been approved after less than two weeks of waiting. I started my new employment 1st of Nov. :-)

A good news indeed. Congratulations!😁🎊

I think I can understand your situation. Find it equally frustrating. Employer intend to apply E pass for me and very supportive in accomodate everything they can in order to meet all criteria including salary requirement. When it comes to standard process for me to perform SAT, result turned out [ Eligible for S pass only] despite salary I entered met its E pass requirement. Can't help but wonder ... Realized that MOM have increase the assessment standard; so compare to years before where exactly same data will result to positive result; and it will be increasingly harder to be qualified for both E and S pass now.

There were only a few sections to fill so it's easier to guess what issue it might be. Data entered:  Type of job: Manager. Education: Double Masters from MOM accredited university in UK. Have 2 years ++ professional experience in manufacturing and oil & gas sector and from DOB entered, believed I am still under productive age.

Out of curiosity, have tried the test couple more time.. basically entering exact same detail BUT keep increasing the salary by hundred... then eventually when it hit $6,000, result finally turn out Eligible for both E and S. 

Despite the disappointment of being downgraded, I consider myself lucky as the company didn't give up on me, and plan to apply for S pass instead , it was fortunate that they haven't use any of S pass quota yet. Only feel bad  for the company to burdened with S pass monthly levies /tax  cost which E pass exempted from; while asking for major salary increase just for me to pass the result seems inappropriate.

Personally find Self Assessment Tool merely as a reference and did not portray Actual result. Believe the tool/ system is dead and RESULT MAY change when it comes to real human / Officers who go through the actual application and review reference letter, cert, CV, professional achievement etc,  My question at this stage: ARE there ANY SUCCESS story EVER for people who ignore the SAT result [ONLY eligible for S pass] and still go ahead with E Pass application and turn out ACCEPTED for their E Pass??

Even if there is a slightest hope of actual success case, I will be more than glad to absorb the application cost [of course with company's permission]  so nothing to lose if turn out E pass being rejected and cans tick to S pass. Any input and enlightenment is much appreciated. Many thanks.

Anna: I am sorry for your experience, but honestly a Manager with double Master and work experience who earns under S$6000/month is underpaid!
In the past, such people would not get any work pass, because MoM did not allow foreigners to undercut the local pay structure.
The newest change (Yes, the work pass criteria are constantly changing!) allows you to get an S-Pass, which I believe is better than no pass, right?
The SAT is updated to reflect the current criteria (without public notice, so we only get the news from people like you, who post it here). If the SAT says you are eligible, it does not mean you will certainly get it - there are employer-related and "soft" criteria that the SAT cannot consider but which can lead to a rejection nevertheless. The only people I have ever heard of, who got a work pass against the SAT's predictions, were Malaysians (for which unpublished lower salary thresholds seem to exist). There might also be exceptions for people Singapore finds especially desirable, like world-known artists, olympic athletes or Nobel-prize-worthy scientists - any rule would be willingly bent for them.
Now for the formalities: There is only ONE application procedure for both EP and S-Pass. On the form, the employer can tick either "consider for EP only", "S-Pass only" or "consider for S-Pass if ineligible for EP". It does no harm for your employer to choose the latter.
And please allow me this last comment: S-Pass or EP makes almost no difference to the employee (i.e.: You), so why are you so worried about it?

Hi Beppi: Thank you for the reply. Your input helps... Do respect you view on situation where perhaps $6000 consider underpay for managerial level. But also live and worked in Malaysia before.. learned in there fresh graduate will get roughly RM 3,000. Which eventually accumulated to around RM4000++ - RM5,000 depending on experience. Not to mentioned with 2 years++ experience, latest position was executive job; it is the 1st time further the career in managerial position.

So believe $ 6, 000  considered underpaid if it was for executives in prominent MNC corporation; Microsoft etc  or for professional with years of managerial experience. I just feel helpless even figure $5000 or $ 5,500 in SAT with relative little work experience as me still not eligible for E pass.

Yes S pass is better than no pass. As mentioned earlier, special charges burdened on my employer under S pass, and I happened to read somewhere that E pass holder has privilege to stay longer within a month after it expired [while S pass you have to leave within a week], and you enjoy free access passing the immigration without standard; just as their citizen. But with different category of visa applied which required much lower base salary to be eligible, there might be possibility the salary being downgraded too. Thank you for the input and advise.

Hi ,

Is your EP was approved ?
Now I have same issue . as per SAT with my current salary , experience and qualifications I am eligible for S-pass .
My company don't have S-pass quota so they have applied EP with same salary .

Please share your outcome of mom .

Thanks in advance .

Hari2080: Below the threshold given by SAT, you have no chance of approval. Better make alternative plans!

Thanks Beppi
May I know how long will it take to approve or reject EP?
Im working with LOC. Current company has applied EP on 30 April 2021.Till now it shows pending.

I have got offer from Company B  and is ready to apply EP as per SAT.But my current company is not withdrawing my application.

How we should proceed in such scenario?
Please help

EP processing time is currently 8 weeks on average - with a very wide variation from case to case (see my statistice in another thread).
Company A must withdraw the application right after you terminate the employment contract with them. If they don‘t, contact MoM with proof (e.g. termination letter).

Were you able to get EP inspite to the SAT?

I am working on LOC, Company A applied for my EP, but SAT says not eligible.

mirchi wrote:

I am working on LOC, Company A applied for my EP, but SAT says not eligible.

If per SAT you are not eligible, there is no way you would get an EP approval. It is the very fundamental check one does before actually submitting an EP application. Has your employer done their due diligence?

It is written on the MoM website the qualification limit for Epass is 4500 SGD but on the SAT system it is impossible to be eligible for SPass with a salary below 6000 SGD. I have tried lots of times by changing experience and the industry but it is all about the salary to be more than 6000 SGD.
So is that mean the real limit for Epass is 6000 SGD not 4500 SGD ?

There have been recent changes (earlier in 2021) to the salary thresholds of EP and SP. Also, it depends on the industry. Kindly review the latest info on MoM work pass division page and if for your industry and job specifics, 4500 SGD works, ignore the SAT. My 25 cents would be to have a strong justification and cover letter though.

The threshold of S$4500 applies only for fresh graduates with no work experience. If you have experience or higher education, the minimum goes up!

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