Procedure to ask NOC & resign from a company in Oman

Hi all,
I am working for a big company in Oman. Now I got an offer from a bank & bank took Manpower clearance. Now they are asking for NOC & resign.  I need your suggestion how to go forward? Should I give resignation or ask for NOC first, What should be the sequence? If they deny then what I can do? Last 4 years I did not get any increment & in my 6 years, i did not get any promotion. I got only 25 RO increment I got.

Can bank issue VISA without NOC like ministry?

Thank you very in advance !!! Please help

No bank cannot issue  visa without NOC and without NOC you will not be new job in Oman. Better you asked for NOC first and then resign.  Giving NOC depends with Employer decision and if you  have good relationship with your boss then you may get it.

Hi tanobir,

As an expatriate who has been working in Oman for the last 6 years, you should have heard quite a lot of discussions and debates about the lopsided issue of NOC.

A lot has also been discussed in the forum too. Feel free to read and get all the information you would require.

It is not often the companies provide their employees with the NOC. As this would enable them to join elsewhere within the Sultanate.

You are in a sticky situation. If you ask your employer for an NOC then it is obvious that you are planning to resign your job and join someone else.

If your employer is kind, they might just give you the NOC and wish you well.

If your employer decides to be spiteful, then they could refuse to give you the NOC and may even terminate you - making it impossible for you to come back to the Sultanate, thereby successfully ruining your chances for the next 2 years.

You know your employer best. So think clearly and act wisely.

Dear all,
My brother's last day will be on june 8 and the company promised to provide NOC but it will be given on the day of his exit. My questions are:
1. If the company did not comply with its promise to give NOC on the day of his exit and instead they tell him that they will give on a later day, should we trust on that?
2. Can I apply him visit visa or tourist visa if he has that NOC? If so, how early can I apply visa for him?

Thanks in advance.

Dear All,

I was working Company here in India which has group company in Oman. For the purpose of attending meetings and work for short durations (1 to 3 months) in Oman office, the group company provided Employment Visa expiring in May 2018.  I resigned from the Indian company here in March 2017 and now trying for jobs in Oman. I made an exit from Oman in Dec 2016. I have also surrendered my Resident Card / Visa to group company in Oman. How to get NOC in this case?

Get your NOC first before you exit. They are just giving you hope but i assure you they will not give it once you leave already.

So help me please IF company give me  NOC .Can he use later his labour clearance to bring  people to join his company.or they will reject him to use my visa ?im ready to pay him for NOC paper but  i didnt ask him yet.need your help!

Hi all,
  I'm vinoth from Trichy, Tamilnadu. Last april i worked in Salalah Methanol company, Salalah, Oman under TOCO Company. It was just 40 days work but I was worked in a Shortwork visa with 4 months( from March to June). During the working time they dont give any labour card or residence card. They give only Id card to work. After 40 days come back india on May 1st. Most people told to me, you workedin  just Shortwork visa so after sometimes you get a job in Oman, they not required NOC. But now i got a job in Albaraka oilfield services, Oman. They need a NOC for visa processing. So i was mailed to my previous employer TOCO For NOC. But they need a offer letter from which company give me a job. Why they need offer letter for giving NOC to me? So please tell me the documents required for NOC.

Hi Vinoth loganathan,

To make sure you really do have an offer at hand, your last employer is asking you to furnish your offer letter for them to provide you with the NOC. It is a normal practice.

As has been discussed numerous time in the forum, whether or not an employer gives the NOC is entirely at their discretion, with the employee having zero say in that mater.

Reading the many other posts on this much-discussed topic would help you understand how the NOC system works.

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