Young Teachers in Dalian looking for Friends!?

Hello All!!
Just wondering if there are any teachers currently living in, or moving to Dalian...that want to make friends, plan a meetup, or have an adventure!? I am going to be moving to Dalian this summer to teach for a couple years and am new to this site and living abroad! Any advice, suggestions from other young teachers? What's fun to do, dating, going out!?!? Thanks, Annie

Hey Annie,

How are you? When are you moving over? Where are you moving from?

I'm moving this coming week for a couple months. Maybe I could get a feel before and help you out when you get there. What are you going to do there teach English? I'm trying to make friends before as well. I may have a friend already that goes to a University there, lol because of this site. Anyways good luck! I'm super excited, I'm sure you are too! =)


I am not a teacher, but I want to make friends. I am in Dalian. when you get there, you can contact me!!


Hi aveazey, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I am sure you will make lots of new contact on the site.

All the best,

Hello Annie

I am further away down in Southern China in Guangdong province but would love you to interact on our Learn English Adventure website!

I am building a great resource for teachers of English and if you or any other teachers want to contribute in any way - that would be great.  You can post articles, use the resources for your students and your students can contribute as well in the Share your stories section.


Hello Annie

I am Alejandra 31 years old from Venezuela and I am currently living in Jinshitan an hour drive from Dalian. i teach Kindergarten at the American School of Dalian in jinshitan. Will you be teaching at DAIS? Looking forward to meeting you!

I'm not a teacher ,i'm currently live in Beijing .but I have been in Dlian for many times .It's a beautiful city ,I'll visit it again soon

Hi All!

My name is Jess and I am new to Dalian. My company just transfered me here for a month or two and it would be nice to meet some people, as I don't know anyone here besides the coworker who came with me.

If there are any expat events or places people tend to go, please let me know. Thanks!

Welcome on board JJ23 ;)

Hi every one my name is Eric,I currently living in Dalian  , I'm not teacher ,but I'm looking for some one who can speak english will to be a friend.Contact me on ericxq0505[at]

Hi Eric!

Welcome to :)


Hi Armand good to hear from you ,

Hi,Annie, my name is Michael. I am not a teacher but I am the native and I also want to make some foreign friends, because I think you guys are friendly, and I can learn different culture and practice my oral ENGLISH. Besides, if you'd like to learn Chinese, it will be my great honor to teach you. Welcome to Dalian and I promise you that you will love here!
My email: zhaozhiguo[at]

hi every I'm want to make friends from somebody in dalian
I'm a IT engineer

Hi! I'm an English teacher on Changxing Island. I usually travel to Dalian on the weekends, and may come up for the National Holiday Break from October 1-9. I'd love to meet, hang out, and/or hit the bars with anybody who speaks English.


hi lady I am dalian native boy and have a eager to study english .nice to meet you .can youshare your email with me ? mine is 979061487[at]

Am also an hour from Dalian in Wafangdian. Would like to make friends.  Email me *

Hey guys, I am Canadian living in China for two years. I own a school in Jin Shi Tan, and I have 3 Canadian and 1 British teachers in their 20's and 30's looking for friends. We travel to Dalian every day. I am also hiring and our school is truly wonderful. I will be opening a school in Dalian next year. Check out our web site and come visit us!! We will treat you for a meal!!


Hello Everyone
I'm Joleni, a Namibian Medical student in Dalian. Am looking for friends around Dalian city  :)

Hi Joleni, i am Stefano, Italian and living in Dalian too, nice to meet you. Actually i looking to make friends since i'm always alone. I would like to live to you my wechat contact: 13510928499. Thank you and wish you a good and happy time.

Hey Stefano,
Nice to meet you too. Will surely add you😊

thank you. :)

Hello everyone I'm from New Zealand and I'm currently in Tianjin I'm going to move to Dalian in 3 weeks so would be awesome to meet someone really fast as i know little Chinese and don't want to be alone for xmas.
kind regards Callum my we chat is ccsliders or callum Innes.

Hi Smart Guy,

Are you really from Dalian?
Whats your name?
Where are you now?

I am Peter. Presently working in Bangladesh.

Do reply me if you wish to be a pal.


smartguy2018 :

hi lady I am dalian native boy and have a eager to study english .nice to meet you .can youshare your email with me ? **

Like to be a pal of yours. Respond please

hi,I would like be laley a cup of coffee for you, if you would like please contact **my name is beini

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Hie joleni, i am Lameck from zimbabwe. You can add my wechat ***

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I’ve been away from this site for a while. I would like to meet a female friend for adventure and try new things.

New in town, looking for a friend/date?

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