Naturalisation and citizenship in Brazil

Angel 123,

Let me mention a few things about naturalization.

Policia Federal is under the Ministry of Justice and Public Security under Ministro Sergio Moro, the judge who was in charge of "Lava Jato". The final word would be under the
Ministry of Justice in Brasilia.

Whatever applications you submit will be screened by the Policia Federal, do home visitation if necessary and see that you qualify. They have their own criteria and would submit that to Brasilia who would then make the final decision. They work closely together and share information during the process.

If you keep traveling and is determined that you broke the continuity as a resident, they can demand a criminal clearance of said counrty that you stayed at. They can even decide to delay or postpone their decision and keep your application in limbo if there are so many breaks of periods of your residency. That will delay even more your application for an indefinite period of time...

So why do things that would complicate matters with the authorities? Is a one year wait
as a resident of Brazil too long for you to have the citizenship? Apparently it´s important to you for coming to post on-line. There´s no free lunch so do it properly for your own advantage...

I´m sure there were already cases about this matter but I haven´t read about it. Perhaps some members, if they are kind enough to update you on it.

For the meantime, why don´t you apply to see if it works  for you and update it with us? That would be very helpful for the community. But do remember, they are not answerable to anyone especially to foreigners!


Hi Dear obal ,
Thanks for replying in details.But can you find and copy paste from the website of MJ and Federal Police these words  (((only residence for an uninterrupted year))))????
According to my understandings 1 year uninterrupted residence is required for those candidates who belong to portuguese language countries and they want to apply Brazilian naturalization.
Anyhow if you have more authentic informationS then please share with me.
Advance thanks..

Angel 1321,

For your education about the complexities of naturalization, please refer to item 8.11
about the requirement of documents to be submitted proving your continuous or uninterrupted residency in Brazil  for naturalization purposes... … -ordinaria



i have read that link which you have sent me.There are 11 options to give proof of address, like
8.3 and so on upto 8.11,
i don,t think so that its not  manadotry to live 1 year continuous  residence to apply citizenship of Brazil based on marriage.There are 11 ways to prove your proof of address,now its up to applicant that through which option he prove to Federal Police and MJ.
On the other hand 1 year uninterrupted residence is must for those applicants who are nationals of portugese speaking countries like Portugal,East Timor,Mozambique,Macau,Angola,Cape verde etc

For more clarity and confirmation please read the link below (got from Federal Police website),

Art. 12. São brasileiros:

II - naturalizados:

a) os que, na forma da lei, adquiram a nacionalidade brasileira, exigidas aos originários de países de língua portuguesa apenas residência por um ano ininterrupto e idoneidade moral;
Art. 12. Are Brazilians:


A) Those who, in the form of the law, acquire the Brazilian nationality, required of those originating in Portuguese-speaking countries only residence for an uninterrupted year and moral suitability;

My dear Angel 321,

You have to think like a lawyer and read in between the lines to really determine what
they want. If they require documents to prove your continuous presence in Brasil, they really mean all the evidences should be there to see from  documents you submit to the dates of absence you fill on the application and also the stamps on your passport showing  the dates that you left and returned to Brazil.

They do want continuous and uninterrupted
residency in Brazil from the Portuguese speaking people to people for Naturalizacao
Ordinaria to Extraordinaria (15 years
continuous presence). I have my RNE (CRNM)
for 26 years now and I don't know yet if I have to naturalize.

Trust me. I'm very careful of what I post. I don't post hearsay and without proofs.
So be a good boy and I'll see ya 'round!


ok Dear sir,


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