I'm looking for a new job

As i said i'm looking for a new job.
I am Italian and i was employed in a chinese company as sales and marketing engineer for overseas markets. Unluckly i had some bad problems with the company and i resigned.
Now i'm looking for a new job possibly in Hangzhou, but i can also move to other cities like Chengdu, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chongqing, Changsha, Nanjing... I would prefer to avoid the north of china or Beijing.

Anyway, i'm graduated as a teacher and i did this job for more than ten years in italy, but i'm also expert in sales, marketing, customer care and public relations.
I would like to find something in a foreign company that need someone to work here in china or something like italian teacher.
I can speak fluently english as a mothertongue (i spent a lot of time in england and scotland when i was young), i'am italian motherlanguage and i can also speak french to a conversational level and chinese to a hsk 3/4 level.

If someone knows something about job offers i would appreciate your help.

Thanks very much


hi Tiziano76,

Welcome on board.

I'd invite you to create your detailed resume & to post an ad in the Jobs in China section to increase your chances of getting in touch with potential recruiters.

Best of luck.



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