Agency to hire someone

I'm wondering if you guys know any agency in Istanbul which can help me to find an employee to hire.
Thank you

I know few. But why don't you try to find on expat com? If you find here you won't pay agency fee.
I think you should try here
Good luck

I have job offer post already.
But it seems nobody is looking for work on site :)

Why not have a look at the Job Section on here? … /istanbul/

hi , which job you offer?


I advice you işkur
they are very helpful and have a lot of offıces ın Turkey

Hello all . How are you ? Will you guys help me to find a job in Turkey? Thank you

Hello Mror Ms. Numon

you can contact me on*** on wattsup

also I advice you to go işkur

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Thanks for your advice but iskur has mostly Turkish applicants. I'm looking for foreigner employee.


regardless your nationality you can go there and apply for job,

and they specialized for finding job.

I am not Turkish and they support me many times.
and other non Turkish too they support in finding job ASP.

I think you don't understand me.
I'm not looking for job.
I'm looking for a worker.
Thank you


either you are looking for worker or job or any issue related to work you just communicate with them
they are specialized and qualified, and a lot of companies and factories inside Turkey they post in their site .. any way this is last my comment to you.

It is possible for Syrians maybe. Because however government in turkey is so helpful for Syrians I don't know why. But unfortunately not for other nationalities.
Thanks for your last comment. :)

any body who knows the website of Iskur send me their website please?

Hello  how much is your salary offer?

1000 $

You should ask by private message

I'm looking for a job in Istanbul

SimCityAT has already provided you with a relevant information source for solving your dilemma, on post #4, as have several other members, in the process. Time to move "progressively" along :cheers:

People here don't know what does human resources agency mean?
If you don't have any idea about that you can save your great ideas for yourself.
If I want to look from website I can do it which I have done  already.

Since you persist with that level-line of debate, then try this dress on, for appropriate sizing,  young miss.

Your original query has been sufficiently answered, on several previous posts, on a level that even a 7-year old child can reasonably comprehend.

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These forums are intended for adult communication, between positive "thinking" people, who endeavor to move progressively along in life. Obviously, you are not a member of that "particular" genre.

Therefore, the "Wailing_Wall" in East Jerusalem awaits your "argumentative" person's arrival

Next topic, please :whistle:

Do you feel like you have to type on every topic?
I didn't know you are playing a bossy boss game on forum. Maybe you can find another job for you. Maybe in Jerusalem. If you like that wall  :cool:

Ditto! Your assessment accurately confirmed. Thank you, and best regards :top:

Actually I have been there too  :D

We're ok, sir.  Thanks, and next time I'll pay closer attention to the avatar genders. A'Salam :cheers:

Dear Adomi  i am a nanny in istanbul looking for a job &  i tried to reach in private text but i am blocked from sending private massage would you  contact me with my email     xxx

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Hi yasenabu

Glad to know, and ramadan karim.
I'm a field service engineer, actually working in Morocco, Could you please help to find an appropriate work in the field in Istanbul.


hello can you tell what is your offer ?

Hi where you posted job ? Send it here

Hello Mr. Adomi.
Do you still looking for recruitment agencies in Istanbul . Pls contact me on pm we can discuss about what kind of employee looking for . We have many foreigners candidate looking for job.

Hello,are you helping people to find jobs?im looking for a job as a native American English teacher of 16 years without a university diploma and no CELTA.Do you tnink you can help me or know some places that would hire me?I live in Tuzla.thanks

Hi, I just connecting people with some reference, as company and recruitment company, and do translation, general support,
Currently I have 3 reference, one of them also from your country,

You can contact me on CS message, and I am pleased to support.

hi are you still looking for an assistant?

What assistant u mean ma'am?

executive/personal assistant

What's your qualification ma'am?

What's the qualification ma'am?

How many workers you want

Hello Friend,
Good evening,
Please i am looking for a job in Esenyurt or Avilgilar a factory help job or any company help job for foreigners.
Can you please help me to find any .
You can chat me on my whatsapp +2348035050331

I'm interested am from Philippines,  what kind of job are you offer?

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