Lost Birth Certificate of New born baby in Saudi Arabia


I am an Indian Citizen working in Saudi Arabia. I  have lost my son's birth certificate issued from Ministry of Civil Affairs in Dammam. Unfortunately I have lost its copy as well as English Translation also. Before losing I already got his Indian Passport. To make Iqama, they need Original birth certificate issued from Saudi.

Procedure to get new birth certificate is to publish in news paper and after 30 days approach ministry of civil affairs. But to publish, I dont have his birth certificate number, He doesnt have iqama and no other details. I approached Ministry of Civil affairs office in Dammam to get the number of the issued birth certificate and they didn't cooperate.

Can anyone guide me how can I get details of the issued but lost birth certificate? How can I solve this problem?

Thank You

Were you able to find a solution for your case?

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