EP pending status

I hv last 4 years EP but this time my EP renewal status showing pending and my employer apply for renewal my EP 03/05/2017 and my EP last date is 18/05/2017
And it's already expired today 19/05/2107

1) I can work in my current employer, I can go office everyday as useual.

2) and weekend I just romming around and suppose any police ask me to my EP and it's already expired then any issue. I can romming around in Singapore.

Plz advise me what to do this time above quartions.
I waiting advise.



You have a 30 days validity period to stay legally when your EP or work pass is cancelled. In this case you will not have an issue as your employer already applied to renew your EP. Take a print out of that status and carry in case an issue arise. For interim, you can stay as Long as your EP case is pending. If in case it was not successful then you have to leave Singapore. In a common approach, Employer should have applied your EP renewal 2months prior to its expiry. Good luck.

Thanks surya for me reply
Hopes, I will get soon approval ):



Surya is correct that upon EP expiry you automatically get an SVP (visitor visa) for 15 or 30 days, which allows you to stay in Singapore - but NOT work!
If you want to continue working, please inform your employer - they can get a temporary EP extension until the renewal is processed.
You can also not leave Singapore and return with that SVP.

Ok thanks bepppi

Thanks beppi for help

Hi Amol,

was your EP approved?

I mean Has your EP being approved now?  I am also facing the same challenge. I have been in Singapore for 3 Years. MY EP is getting expired on 12-Aug-2017. The Employer has applied on 23-jun-17. But the status is still pending.

We applied for epass on 19th apr 2017 still pending :(

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