Work kharkiv

:) hello I need a job in kharkiv iam English man let me know thankyou!!!

Hi Shay frankie,

Perhaps you could provide some details about your qualifications and field of work ?

All the best,

Hello I am 46 years of age I am a fully qualified stonemason I can do all sorts of construction work I am fit and very good at labouring I can carve and shape stone I can fix stone and repair old buildings I have full School exam qualifications and also attended a technical college to learn my stonemasonry skills I have very good communication skills and a very good person to have in the workplace I am very punctual and positive person thank you for your reply and all the best wishes to you :)

I would also like you to know that I have travelled a lot in my lifetime I have travel throughout Europe and worked in Europe before in construction and also I've spent many years in India

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