Personal Investment for Expats


I am moving into Singapore in some time. I usually invest a certain %age of my income on Mutual Funds & Stocks. Wish to follow the same once I start staying in Singapore as well.

Can some residing expats help me with some information regarding personal investment.

- What accounts do you need to create to start investing? Documentation? Are expats allowed to invest?
- I usually do a 30-70 break up of Safe:Risky investment(India market). Are there any low risk options available?
- What are the usual expected returns for Mutual funds investing in Large cap, mid cap & small cap
- What are the tax implication on returns?
- are there any good website to read about personal investment in Singapore?


There are many (self-declared) financial advisers in Singapore looking for suspects like you. Most of them are not worth listening to, so be careful!

Singapore is one of the most financially open economies, so you'll have all the worldwide investment opportunities you want, and more. There are no restrictions for foreigners.
Just open an investment (brokerage, etc.) account with any bank you like. You don't even need to be local resident to open one, but it makes formalities easier.
Capital gains do not incur income tax in Singapore.

Before you make any financial commitments, I'd advise you to wait a few months and see how much you need to live. Singapore is one of the most expenive plave in the world, so based on what you said about your salary in another post, you'll only be able to save a substantial portion of your income if you are single without family.

Singapore is one of the most expensive places in the world

Yes i agree with this although some parts of Europe are expensive too.
If you are single there will be less overheads...

Good luck with your investment.

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