Bringing my sh.. Stuff

I have been pricing out the cost of shipping some of my personal belongings and yeah - no. So I am further downsizing. My question is if I pack it into a suitcase can I bring it as checked baggage - it is stuff like some paintings my daughter has done, some little and I mean little collectables, some art supplies, that kind of thing. I tried contacting the airline and that was less than satisfactory - apparently airlines no longer have real people to speak with and their FAQ pages tell you NOTHING. Is there anyone out there with an answer to my inquiry?

Try this site: … val#anchor

Thanks JoeK. I don't know how us newbies would survive without your expertise.

I note on the website "Goods worth the equivalent to or greater than US$100 shall be subjected to pay customs duties and taxes. If the customs value of goods is in excess of US$300, they must be declared in the Customs Declaration Form. If it is less than US$300, the goods must be declared in the Non-commercial Customs Declaration Form."

Do you know if this refers to personal items such as watches, laptops etc.? I know that normally such items are not taxed but perhaps Cambodia's rules are more strict.

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