Western Female Tefl teacher in Lagos.

Hey everyone,

I am thinking about moving over to Lagos at the end of the year to teach.
I have an invitation letter from a friends school over there and will start the visa process in the next month or so.
I'm just trying to put a few feelers out and see what other peoples experiences have been like of living and working in Lagos.
Is there a good social scene between other expats?
I know the general do's and dont's on how to stay safe in a foreign country as I lived in Cambodia for 2 years, but day to day would you say that it is a safe city?
It would be great to hear from anyone who has any top tips or advice on what to expect.

I'm an American married to a Nigerian and have lived in Nigeria for 13 years this year. There are many social clubs, great dining, great shopping venues, great night life and wonderful sites all around Lagos and Nigeria. There are MANY EXPATS from many different countries that live in Lagos alone. I think you would enjoy the experience.

Lagos is a safe city and you can enjoy the place depending on the company you keep and your goals
With a good drivers and loving friends, its a good place to be
There are lots of beaches both public and private

so many places that you will enjoy visiting on weekends, be it areas of natural beauty and shopping malls, so many Nigerian dishes that you would love to eat and cook.

Lagos has so many unique customs or places to visit, museums, archives, historical centres,  So many local festivals including eyo festival, music festivals, sports festivals, etc

I am sure you will enjoy your stay in Lagos

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