Divorce and Permanent Visa

I live six months of the year in Brazil and work the other six months in Canada. I married a Brazilian woman in 2011 and obtained my permanent visa (RNE) in 2015. My permanent visa is valid until 2023.  But I divorced my Brazilian wife in 2016 due to irreconcilable differences.  Now she is bitter that I have a new Brazilian girlfriend and claims that the Federal Police called her about our past marriage and my RNE.  I suspect that she is lying and called the Federal Police in an attempt to revoke my permanent visa.  Can she revoke my permanent visa?

Once you obtain your permanent visa you keep it as long as you come to Brazil every 2 years. I doubt that the federal police called her 


To the best of my knowledge,  there's nothing a former spouse do abut your residency, she probably misses the cash/lol

If my Wife complain about me that i am not staying with her fdp and if she want she can cancel my RNE visa?

she cannot cancel your RNE.as you get it then nothing can be happened with your Permanent residency.only one clause can cancel your RNE if you stay more than 2 years out of brazil land

Common man... That´s why I never married to avoid the wrath of these vengeful women. Hey don´t get me wrong. I love women. We can´t live without them because were gluttons for punishment! I suffer a lot because there are so many beautiful women in Rio Grande do Sul but I dread the fact that nothing lasts forever and I would suffer the same fate like you have now! So, I keep a share of my own without going all in like a bet for "all or nothing!"

I´m sure she misses them green bucks... especially now that another Brazilian woman is now enjoying them! He he that is the worst that can happen especially in Brazil where pride, sole ownership and control is the motto of women.

So all the single men out here in Brazil if you´re not already married: STAY SINGLE as doing otherwise is hazardous to your mental, physical and financial well-being!

What she told you are all lies! You should be smarter than that to believe what she said. Once you get the RNE you got it till the day you die, unless:

   1. You committed a felony against the state or any offense that Brazilian authorities
       consider you to be an undesirable alien.

   2. You were out of Brazil more than 2 years in which case you have to re-apply.

Even living with multiple women does not constitute an offense for you to loss your RNE.

So good luck and of course you now know that by Brazilian standards, you are a rich
guy from the north and your girlfriend will now ask you a lot of things to improve her

I had experienced that in all my love relationships in Brazil!


No she cannot cancel youre RNE

Bro can you give me your WhatsApp number if you are living in Brazil


Are you asking me or AdnanKhan1?


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