Chemical engineer looking for help with finding a job!

Hello all,

I would love to move to Singapore because it is an absolutely fantastic country and I believe living and working here would allow me to develop myself further both on a personal and professional level. That is why i am looking for a job as a chemical engineer in Singapore. I obtained my master degree in chemical engineering in the Netherlands (Eindhoven University of Technology) and have been working as a research & development engineer.  I have experience with product research&development, quality control, client management, GHS/ISO regulations and production management. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could give me any advice or direction to finding a job. I am interested in anything related to chemistry/engineering such as R&D, lab research, quality/safety/production manager, technical sales, etc.

Thank you all!

There already exist many discussions on this forum about how to find a job in Singapore, with a lot of good advice given.
Please read those first. If you then still have a specific question that was not covered, feel free to come back and post it here.
Good luck!

I will certainly do that, thank you!

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