Speech Therapist in Dammam or Alkhobar

Please let me know if there are therapist here.

Badly needed.



I am looking for a speech therapist for my twins who r 2 yrs Nd 5 months old
Please provide ur contact details so that I can get in touch wit u plz.


I am speech and language therapist in khobar

I am a Speech Language Pathologist in Dammam.

hello everyone,

@Aliasabir and Yasra > you should register in the Dammam business directory section. Thank you

How to register there?

My Daughter facing problem to pronounce some word clearly. please advise...

What is her age?

need speech therapist for my kid

What is speech and language problem of your kid?

Dear Sir
I live in Riyadh and I have a son who is 4 and half. Can you please let me know if there is anyone available in Riyadh for speech Therapy.

Yes I’m speech language pathologist for Pakistani language living here in jubail

The baby is having problem in pronouncing or uttering the word?  Or she try to produce n attempted wrong?

Sir, i need speech therapy for my son. He is almost 6 years now. He started stuttering 2 weeks after he joined school last year in April 2017. Prior to thst he used to speak very fluent English. Can you help with this case? I live in Al Khobar. Can you share your contact number?

Yes I can help you in this case. Please contact on below number

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I shifted to Jubail. Your son need a speech and language assessment to  understand the degree and severity of stuttering. Then, if needed you can do speech therapy. From two and half years it is normal for kids to have little stammering..it is known as normal non fluency. It is a  part of speech development. It is better for parents to avoid and not to give attention to this stammering..It  will fade away...Should not try to correct him..
.If it exists still after six months,
you can consult a speech language pathologist  for an assessment...If he is left handed,should not force him to be right handed..Never judge his speech as he is having a problem..it will make the things worse..Avoid emotional stress for kids...Hope it helps.Feel free to ask for any help.

Hi Arshama
Do you find anyone to solve the problem of your daughter?

I am facing problem to speak some words clearly, i am 30 years.

Assalamu alaikum,
U can send watsup msgs to this  number.

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Hi Yasra

May I know where you are residing in Dammam. I have a 5 years old autistic son. Can you please give ur contact details.

        I need a help for my daughter, she is 4.5 years with mild autism.
Need a suggestion pls.


Require speech therapy and ABA for 13 year old boy in jubail.

Require your contact details

Aoa Sister, if you could share your contact details pls..


I need a speech therapist fr my 2.3 yr old son who speaks beary am from mangalore

Which language do u speak

She is 11 years old and studing class 6 in Jubail
She is not ablt to pronounce some alphbets.

I am living in jubail. Please advise how i can contact you.

Her age is 11 and studying in level 6

Looking for speech therapist for my 8 year old kid, he can not speak k, kh, g sounds instead he speak t, sounds.

Could you plz share your contact details?

Are you available in Dammam or khobar, looking for a solution of my 8 year old kid, he does not speak k, g sounds but with t

I am looking for a speech therapist in Al khobar .

I need a speech Therapist for my son.
He is 4 years 6 months old.
He is down syndrome child but very active.
Please let me know if someone is there.


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I need speech therapist living in jubail.

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