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Hi my IPA is already expired last April 20 and my employer didn't apply for an extension.. Now I am planning to find a new employer there and refund my money from the agency.. Is there a possibility that when i found a new employer my spass application will be rejected because of the previous withdrawn application?

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Can you be more specific in which country you currently are?
Or even better :  as you are on the wrong side of the site , you can ask your question on the forum of the country where you are.
You'll get better advice from those who lives there.

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Pass apply by a new employer certainly will not be affected due to previous IPA issue with another employer but that incident was not a positive sign though, but you didn't tell us what was the reason of IPA expiration. Was it due to employer didn't intend you to join in their company & so didn't hand over you the letter or was it you didn't accept the offer? Who ever at fault, it was not a good outcome at the end.

I won't comment on agency fees, which is between you and your agency but one thing to be noted that such payments are not legal in Singapore. I only know that many working pass holders have such agreements between agencies and those job seekers.
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An employment contract, stating that the company will hire you and you will join the company, is precondition for an S-Pass application (and subsequent IPA issuance).
In your case, who terminated that contract (you or the company?) and why?

The employer told us that they have management problem and we need to wait for a while since they are not dropping the offer. The problem is that thay are not giving updates. We've been waiting for almost 2 months only to find out that our SPass application were withdrawn..

I can't wait for another month because I need a job to support my family that's way I'm planning to move to other agency to find a new employer or go there and apply directly.

It is employers fault why my SPass application expired.. I can't wait for them anymore to process the renewal because the appeal will surely takes a long processing time...

Make sure you keep the communication with the company, as they might give MoM another story that can be bad for you. Normally once you have the employment contract and IPA, you should travel to Singapore and start work. The company can only terminate according to the termination rules (notice period) stated in the contract. I guess they did not do that.
Do not go to another agency (and waste money on them). It is far better to apply directly for jobs at potential employers.

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