Hungarian Wedding Song


My wife and and me are urgently looking for anybody who speaks Hungarian in Singapore.

We have a friend who is getting married to a lovely Hungarian girl in Singapore in May 2017 and we would like to sing them a traditional Hungarian Wedding congratulatory song and perform a simple dance if possible.

We tried utube but the pronunciation is really difficult to get it right.

If anybody could recommend us a friend who can spend just 1 hr or so with us to guide us in  getting the pronunciation correct, we would be deeply appreciative.

Thank you in advance

I have an office colleague here who is a Hungarian but need to check with her if she can help. She has an infant at home and may not give sufficient time for your occasion. Will update you tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your reply.

Me and my wife can come to where ever place is convenient for her.

We are hoping for good news and will wait for your update.

Darren & Chin Su

She is off today, will check and let you know if she is in tomorrow.

OK. Thank you. Very much appreciated.


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I am still hoping for good news from your Hungarian colleague.

My wife and me are thinking that to make things easier, we are also exploring the idea of a simple Wedding Congratulatory Speech in Hungarian.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

I can speak a litte Hungarian,but not very smoothly.

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