Good and Reasonable Contractor/ Design Firm

Dear all,

Does anyone have any good contractors to introduce?

Looking at moving into an office that is completely bare right now, will need a company to set up the tables, chairs, partitions, etc.

So far I've only been introduced to one or two contractors from my real estate agent. Thanks in advance!

Hi Villanova,

Try contacting the related professionals recommended in the Construction and renovation in Ho Chi Minh City section of the business directory.

They might be able to help you.

All the best,

Please PM me for a recommendation.

Hello there,

Can you pm me for a great recommendation. Minh Chuong is one of brand you should contact. anh Bang is really nice person. Thanks.

cheers for the recommendation. will pm you!

hi bhavna,

thanks for your information. was looking forward to hearing of personal experiences, hence the post.

We personally have used a very good contractor to build our office 2 years ago. Super talented designer. If you haven't found anyone suitable yet. You can p.m me for more info!


i've met with 2 design firms at the same time to give them the same specs, and to brainstorm on how to fit out the office.

edit - met them both at the same time as it's company policy to get 3 quotations. the 3rd party simply did not attend on the day of the meeting.

I'll keep you guys posted. So far one party, immediately following the discussion yesterday, had sent me this time line (i'm working on a tight schedule).


Thank you very much for the meeting today.

We received your information.

We want to confirm with you information as bellows:

- May 24th 2017: we will send you layout of your office. If you agree
it, we will make 3D views. if you have required to edit layout, let us
know to edit it.

- We need 3 working days to make 3D view for your office.

- May 29th 2017: we will send you 3D views your office and
construction contract.

/ unquote

will keep all updated

Sounds good! I can also send some pix of my office to you. My office is opposite the American consulate in D1 btw  :)

Hi Villanova,

Please contact me by private message. One of my contact can help you.

Thanks everyone. I've found two local construction/ID companies to bid for this project already. As the renovation starts on the 1st of June, we have to submit our plans to the building management tomorrow.

Thank you for all the help guys. If you want, I can keep you posted via PM on how much we were quoted, hell i'll send you the entire quotation just FYI if you are wondering how much construction costs in Sai gon.


I will also be starting a company in March 2018, and I'm looking for desiger and contractor. Are you able to give me some contact? Thank you.

sorry i can't help and tell you which to go to. I cantell you which NOT to go to haha.

the company that we went with turned out to be a super lousy company. once they received the 70% downpayment they stopped work and refused to continue, then threatened to sue me for not paying the 30% even though they barely completed anything.  instead of taking 2 weeks, they took 6 weeks. Work done was terrible to say the least. They also did not honour their warranty on whatever crap work they did.
Try your best to work out a contract where you do not pay too much of a downpayment.

so at all costs, do not go with PARIS DECOR COMPANY.

feel free to message me to see how i can be of further assistance.

Oh my goodness, I thought that everything has worked out from the last post. Thank you for your advise, and I'll definitely look out in negotiating for lesser downpayment. I know for sure which contractor not to use!!! All the best to you.

Buy your own fittings and materials, that way you know you have what you need. Employ someone to stand there every day and watch them...they will cheat. If something is not done correctly, tell them to do it again. Don't put big down payments as suggested above, there is a good reason why these crooks do this, they have your money and you can't get it back.

My concern is that we are not too familiar with Vietnam. Even buying fixtures and materials, it will be better for a local to buy. As long as we are foreigners, we will be quoted higher price. There's many consideration. I understand the part where someone trustable should be standing there whole day to check on the work done. Thank you for the advice.

Have a look at and Thecity have an excelled showroom in Ho Chi Minh. Check out their website or you can visit to discuss what you want. I was buying office furntiure and they were pretty helpful plus they had some English speaking staff as well.

Wow...thank you. The link will be helpful, I'll definitely check it out.


Would anyone be able to recommend a reliable and a good price of a contractor/renovation for me, I have a bare shell stage of a 2 bedroom apartment to renovate.

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