Can I ship a personal cell phone from Canada to Bogata?

Can I ship a personal cell phone from Canada to Bogata through FedEx with no problem? Please advise.

I would recommend you use a middle man service via Florida, USA.
The biggest hurdle you will encounter is the paperwork required for customs/import taxes. Virtual Casilleros, is what will make this very easy for you.

I personally have recently signed up with 4-72
Ask 5 people about 4-72 and you will get 7 opinions that range from pure love to pure hate. Just keep in mind that they are not the only ones in the game.

I signed up with them due to the lure of tax free imports on all shipments that are less than 4 pounds with a value less than $200 USD.
So far, I can say that -Yes, this is true and I have received multiple orders from Amazon via their middle-man address in Florida. All packages are tracked, they auto bill my card, send email progress updates, I claim full value to get the insurance coverage and all have arrived in Manizales within one week of leaving Florida. So far I only paid import tax on a large rice cooker. 

RE: Cell phones
My most recent purchase was a Samsung S8 from Verizon in the USA.
The phone came with an invoice showing a purchase price of $279 because it was bought with a VZ service contract. So I simply claimed it at a value of $279
The phone arrived here, still sealed in the box and I only paid $16USD for the shipping from Florida.

If you go it alone without a service to tackle the paperwork for you, packages can get stuck in Bogota and its just not worth the hassle...

I should also add that its vital for you to include something showing the purchase price, it will help ensure that things move fast. The actual date on that proof of purchase is not vital.

Thank you for your response and have yourself a great day bro!



My friend, can you recommend me any middle men who do shipping from USA to Colombia ?

What exactly are you trying to ship?

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