Rules for moving

What are the rules for importing a container with your personal belongings, furnishings, shop equipment etc? Is there an allowance? Or do you have to pay duty to bring in stuff you already own elsewhere??

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I am new here so any help, advice, contacts or guidance would be so helpful. In short hubby and I have decided to give everything up in our home in Sydney and build a home back in my birth country Fiji.

I have done apt of reaserach however I would love some advice about;
- Pet relocation - small pup 10mths old born in Syd do I need to send application forms in advance? Is there a cargo fee by airline? I’ve been quoted $1200fjd by bio security thus far should I expect more?
- Visa application is scaring me, my husband is a Croatian born Australian citizen what visa would he need to reside in Fiji and start a business? Would we need to register tax file number etc? Is that hard?

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