How to bring your car to Nigeria

Hello everybody,

If you exported your car to Nigeria, were there any formalities that needed to be completed beforehand? What were they?

What is the best way to export your car? Is there a limit on the number of vehicles, or perhaps the age of the vehicle? Are there limits on emissions or emission controls in Nigeria?

What are the expected costs of exporting a car? In your opinion, is it worth it?

Once you arrived in Nigeria, what were the applicable taxes? What was the customs process like?

How do you go about registering an imported car in Nigeria?

Is it best to buy a car once you have arrived or to bring your car with you, in your opinion?

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Well in my case I came as an expert so I was in strong securities policy including being transported in secure plus escort service.a bit challenging but I am used to it by now.

Dear Bhavna

Thank you very much for your mail.

I never brought any car in Nigeria.

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I recommend shipping by sea, rail or road. Too big to fit on a plane.

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