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I need your help.

I was deported or refused to enter Singapore over a month ago, the reason is, being ineligible for the issue of a pass under current immigration policies. I have found an employer that are able to apply my work permit. Will this affect my chances of getting my S-pass approved?
When I emailed the ICA, this is their reply.

I am now scared and worried since my pass application was still pending. Can you help me with this please. Regarding my backgroud: I had my Attachment Programme in Singapore for 6 months year 2008. I have had worked in Singapore with S-pass for over 4 years, from 2012 to 2016.

Letter from ICA: "We wish to clarify that as with most countries, a visitors entry into Singapore is neither a right nor automatic.

Prior to your next visit to Singapore, you are required to submit a formal entry (i.e. Visit Pass) application through a local sponsor in Singapore for our consideration. The local sponsor must be a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident who is at least 21 years of age or a Singapore registered company. The Visit Pass application for your entry must first be approved in order to facilitate your entry into Singapore. The application will be assessed on its own merits. You may refer to the following for the application procedures.

It should include the details, purpose of the visit as well as the name, address and contact number of your local sponsor in Singapore and declaring any antecedents on the application Form 14. You may also include any other supporting documents deem relevant to substantiate your application in addition to the following documents:

a) Application Form 14 & V39I (duly completed and signed);
b) A photocopy of your travel document particulars page (showing full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, its date of issue/expiry and signature); and
c) A photocopy of your local sponsor's Singapore IC.

If a company is acting as the local sponsor, a letter of undertaking stating your details, purpose of visit and undertaking of your maintenance and repatriation is required.

The local sponsor can mail the application forms and required documents to the following address:

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority
Visitor Services Centre
ICA Building
10 Kallang Road #04-00
Singapore 208718

Each application will be considered on its own merits. The local sponsor will be notified by post once the outcome is known.

The application forms are available for download in ICAs website at url: … ;secid=289 .

If approved, you will be issued with a letter of permission to enter Singapore. Do note that your entry will remain to be subjected to the prevailing entry requirements.

Visitors who are eligible for entry will be issued with visit passes upon arrival. These visit passes determine the number of days that visitors are allowed to stay in Singapore. We wish to advise that the granting of visit passes to visitors is determined by the ICA Officers stationed at Singapore Checkpoints depending on the merits of each visitor.

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Not sure why ICA deferred your entry to SG and under what circumstances. The reason you have mentioned that you are not eligible under immigration policy is showing an evidence that there could be a potential reason related to the last time when you left Singapore.

The ICA definition of how to apply under a sponsorship is applicable to all who are having relatives living in Singapore (either a citizen or PR). But, as your case is not getting a visa rather entering into Singapore so it won't have much impact whether you are coming to Singapore under a tourist visa or someone sponsoring you (though it's a positive sign if someone local person sponsoring you).

Pertaining to your query on S pass, it again depends on what was the reason ICA deferred your entry to SG. I would suggest to check with ICA and find out if any adverse case is pending which is unknown to you, determining  your entry to Singapore then you need to clear that or else I don't see why someone who had studied and worked 4yrs with S pass, suddenly barred to enter Singapore. There is something missing in between. Good luck.

I agree with Surya: You did not mention the reason why you were deported - but your chances of getting a visa (any visa) depend on that reason and what you do to rectify it.

hello surya and beppi,
he need first permission to get entry in singapore  with ica..
ica give this type of letter to every one wheather they travel first time
(being ineligible for the issue of a pass under current immigration policies.)
he need to clear first this then he will get s pass.

tejinder: what do you mean by first permission to get entry into Singapore? He was working here for 4 yrs under S pass then he is not required first permission to enter here. So that means there must be something wrong or any adverse case pending on his name at the time of leaving Singapore in 2016 or else I don't see why someone suddenly not allowed to enter into Singapore where in past he was working n studied here for several years.

About your clearance letter at ICA, you must be knowing what is it and why are you expecting to be approved in August month only!


tejinder: stop using caps lock, it's like you are shouting here.

Secondly don't use first permission, it's the sentence to be used for someone who is entering Singapore or any other country first time. In his case he has entered Singapore several times in past. So, rather say "his priority is to enter into Singapore as his permission was denied at immigration counter."

My response is the same that he has to check and clarify with ICA why he was denied to enter into Singapore. Let him find out the reason as I don't see there is no way ICA suddenly barred him without any reason.

no surya mistake cap lock is on.sry for that,

surya i m agree with you.but
(I was deported or refused to enter Singapore over a month ago, the reason is, being ineligible for the issue of a pass under current immigration policies.) ..see surya wat he is saying that..thats why i m saying that first he need permission frm ica to get re- enter in singapore.

I would reiterate the same, wrote a letter to ICA to seek for entry into Singapore. Let's see what ICA officer responses. Normally it takes 2 weeks time to see the response. The phrase ICA is using that not eligible under current immigration policy is the phrases used for many reasons, here are few reasons:

1. Overstayed in past
2. Visiting Singapore but no outward flight tickets, hotel staying details, insufficient cash (if you are not visiting Singapore to see someone who is living here)
3. Past record in any pending adverse case
4. Any brushing the law of Singapore in the past
5. If ICA suspects anything (depends on the officer on duty) then he too barred your entry to Singapore.

Now, the person or yourself can see where your case fit into the above reasons or anything else which is why your entry was denied.


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